We all are fully aware of corporate greed. Here is San Francisco this began a long time ago. Power companies like PG&E worked with the powerful and rich and made millions of dollars by selling electricity and water. Few remember how the Native Americans were robbed of their land and the Hetch Hetchy Project given a green signal. To this day the Miwoks moan for the land that was stolen and flooded. Corporate Greed. Much harm was done to the Pomos too.

The City and County of San Francisco turned the other way while PG&E milked the poor and controlled most of the power grid. They do that even today. The rich and the powerful and the greedy!

Hunters Point where PG&E have an old plant built in the 1920's is one of the oldest in California. It still spews energy and while it does it also pollutes the air, the water and the land. It has been doing that for ages. The Mayor Willie Brown promised to close this power plant in 1998 - but he lied. Just like he promised to move the Bayview Raw Sewage Plant to Brisbane. He lied.

Heron's Head Park lies next to the PG&E Plant just a stone's throw away. Environmentalists want to build a Living Classroom on a toxic site that has been capped. Near by the aging plant continues to spew toxins every single day. Can you imagine building a Classroom in the middle of toxins but some environmentalists will do anything for a buck.

It is a shame when the President of the Environmental Commission gives money to some one who he can call his soul mate. It is a shame when the Department of the Environment looks the other way and doles out over $800,000 to such a deal that smacks of corruption.

Heron's Head Park is a toxic site and will always be one because what is buried under it cannot be cleaned in the near future. The worst possible toxins from the aging PG&E plant have saturated its shores too.

The State of California fined the power plants for all the pollution and over 47 million dollars were given to the State by PG&E and other California power plants as part of a mitigation plan to help the affected constituents of California. In our case Hunters Point and Bayview. The language clearly states all the money should be spent to mitigate those adversely impacted. We received $13.5 million.

This $13.5 million has been doled out in a manner that calls for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to step in. No money has been spent to help the children dying from ASTHMA. No money has been spent on those dying from CANCER and other chronic lung diseases.

Adding fuel to the fire in the Hunters Point Area the toxins from all those vehicles that use diesel. The Server Farms who fire their diesel engines. Muni Light Rail Project has been digging up toxins, exposing the contents to the air and then putting the same toxic stuff back into the ground. Piles of asbestos contaminated dirt some 40 feet high sits along 3rd Street close to the PacBell Park. There are other factors too among them the Raw Sewage Plant that pumps all of the City secondary effluents into the Bay by Islais Creek. This includes all the Raw Sewage from Brisbane, Daly City, Burlingame and of course 80% of the City and County of San Francisco's sewage. It even takes all the raw sewage from the Presidio of San Francisco. This is a shame in this day and age. The waters polluted by the secondary effluents reach the shores of Heron's Park. Soon, Heron Park will have to deal with Asbestos Dust from the tearing down of the Huge Oil Fuel Tanks. The saga goes on and on. Yet, over $800,000 has been doled out to some so called ENVIRONMENTALISTS who were not there when Espanola Jackon started Earth Day in 1991. Nor were there to support the children when they need health care. They plan to take thousands of innocent children and expose them to toxins. Some environmentalists.

The San Francisco Port Authority blesses this project. Just like it looks the other away at the huge pile of dirt containing toxins from all over the Bay Area which has been sitting at Pier 94 for over 6 years! The Port is for Cruise Ships that will pollute our already polluted air and Bay waters. The San Francisco Port Authority want to build the Illinois Bridge with NO detail environmental Impact Reports to show the Public. It has received money from Catellus, Norcal, Bode, Henson - all private money. The private companies are there to make money - they really do not care if toxins affect poor people. Their bottom line is that mighty dollar and the GREED that comes with it.

The Port will do anything even stoop down to join hands with environmentalists who want to expose innocent youth and children to the worst possible toxins - all in the name of GREED. This is the worst type of corruption. ENRONISATION.

It is wrong to kill our innocent children. Some one will have BLOOD on their HANDS!

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