Espanola Jackson and Francisco Da Costa


Espanola Jackson has been an activists working for the Bayview and Hunters Point area for over 45 years. She has also worked very hard for the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe. A notable mention should be made of Joel Skidmore who is the web master of this site and has tirelessly worked behind the scenes to make good stuff happen. In fact the Muwekma Ohlone web site now referenced by thousands could not have happened without Joel Skidmore.

Espanola knows a lot about the workings of the City and County of San Francisco. Yesterday, we all met at the South East Community College to discuss the proposed Muni Light Rail on 3rd Street. Espanola was on the fore front to explain to those present what really was required to help the residents of Bayview and Hunters Point.

Even Michael Burns who is the MUNI director was listening to her and had words of praise.

Many a time I work very closely with Espanola Jackson. As many of you know I contribute to this web site and I am always totally amazed at the diligence of Joel Skidmore. Some times within seconds after sending the information - the information is posted on this web site. Those who love visiting this web site always remark about the fresh information - as was when James Meadows was fired.

Espanola Jackson has been closely reviewing the strategic blue prints we will be using very shortly when Judge Ricardo Urbina adjudicates the case before him - linked to the Muwekma Ohlone. A lot of the previous information posted of this site linked to the happenings in San Francisco could not have taken place without Espanola Jackson. The posts could not have been visited without Joel Skidmore. Two great, hard working supporters of a worthy cause.

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