Libania De Souza was my mother-in-law but more then that she was my confidant and good friend. She was born in Mombasa, Kenya on February 10, 1916 and passed away peacefully in San Francisco on April 25, 2008.

In all the years she lived she always encouraged me to do what is right. She also loved the youth and was always interested in helping the youth. When I was the Manager of many sports teams - on occasion she would take it upon herself to prepare a six or seven course meal to the delight of the players and those present. She was an excellent cook. Better still at embroidery and gardening.

My mother-in-law always will have a special place in my heart. During her last years she was laid in bed and we - her daughter Lina DıSouza, my brother-in-law Joseph De Souza and my wife Maria Da Costa took extra special care to see that she was well cared for.

During the last year of her long life - she was completely bed ridden and two times on separate occasions between nine months was admitted in the hospital. Both the times she made it back home proving to the doctors at the Kaiser Hospital on Geary Street that she was a fighter and survivor.

Kudos to the Kaiser Nurses and Doctors who took care of Libania De Souza and offered the family members words of encouragement and support. A special thanks to the night nurses. Doctors Navid Shafee M.D. and Leonid Yankulin M.D.

My mother-in-law had her final mass at Old Saint Maryıs and has been laid at Cypress Lawn. She was given the best farewell we could give her. She told us not to morn or cry for her but pray for her and be well and happy.

My wife Maria Da Costa must be given the honor of taking extra special care her mother for a long period of time and proving to the end that her love for her mother was extra, extra ordinary.

I spent quality time but to tell you the truth I did not feel right when I saw her suffering and not being able to take care of her self. It will take me a long, long time to understand fully her loss. After all I spent a long time with her - during the days in my life when she was an important figure.

My mother-in-law was good friend to me and often when I could not say or confide in anyone - I could talk to her knowing well that with the years behind her and her experience she would call a spade a spade and tell me what was best in the given situation.

The funeral and the repast were well attended and those present felt at peace. The many that really knew my mother-in-law - Libania De Souza shared memories and the good times that she spent on this Earth.

Earlier her husband John Manuel De Souza passed away in Nairobi, Kenya in 1967 and lies peacefully in Nairobi, Kenya at the Langata Cemetery.

Most appreciated were the words of Bishop Ernest Jackson and Reverenced Peter Shea at the funeral Mass. May her soul rest in peace.


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