Wounded Knee De Ocampo.


In the year 2006 most Californians are ignorant about thousands of Sacred Sites revered by the indigenous people of California also known as the First People. The world should also know that 18 treaties signed between the California Tribes and the United States government were not kept - these pertinent treaties were broken.

The First People were here before anyone else. This Nation should be ashamed of itself for all recognizing all First People but choose instead to NOT recognize many tribes after all these years. Others have to spend millions to be Federal Recognized. One such case is the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe it was Federally Recognized until 1927 and then removed from the Federal Register by one Bureau of India Affairs Agent L.A. Dorrignton. They are the First People of San Francisco.

In the year 2006 all over California the United States government fails to protect Sacred Burial Sites. We have several hundred of known Sacred Burial Sites in the Bay Area but no one cares to respect the Sacred Burial Sites. Again and again as in the case of the Emeryville Shellmound site with intent and using dubious planning Sacred Burial Sites are desecrated. The San Bruno Mountain is a Sacred Burial Site.

If some one desecrated a cemetery where White Folks were buried and unearthed the remains and pulled out the tomb stones there would be a hue and cry. However, again and again all over the Bay Area this desecration has been an on going saga when it comes to the First People.

Right now there are Sacred Burial Sites by the Cliff House, at Upper Fort Mason, on Crissy Field, on Hunters Point, the Bayview Hill, other sites too many to mention. The City and County of San Francisco has not respected the Sacred Burial Sites, the National Park Service has not respected the Sacred Burial Sites, the Federal Government fails to recognize the First People and place them on the Federal Recognition List thus depriving many California Tribes of their rights.

If you do not give respect you will not get it but it is important to have respect and share it and that is lacking among those that are evil. Just imagine being a member of the First People, a Native American, a member of a California Tribe and not being recognized by the United States of America government and placed of the Federal Register.

Imagine being treated like a second class citizen when the First People were here first. This land was stolen from the First People - history records the various battles. History records the thousands of times people in authority spoke with Fork Tongues. It is a fact that 18 treaties signed were never ever ratified in California and the California Tribes cheated of their land.

There is NO nation in the world when early on the United States chose to take Native American Tribes and put them on Reservations. Adolf Hitler studied this process and later on used it on the Jews. In the year 2006 the United States refuses to recognize hundreds of Native American Tribes that meet all the criteria but have to spend millions of dollars to convince the antiquated Department of Interior and follow a recognition process that should be flushed down the commode.

In the year 2006 we have consultants and lobbyists making millions of dollars trying to use Congresspersons and Senators to leach on Native American Tribes through huge donations to buy favors and restore Federal Recognition in some manner. It is a shame that this Nation favors corruption at all levels and that our present White House is the hub of corruption and deceit. Yet the President brags that he speaks to God and that this Nation is Safe. Again and again he will say the American People are with him - when the contrary is very true.

Here in San Francisco our Board of Supervisors is a JOKE. Especially those Supervisors that voted that San Francisco Redevelopment Agency take control of the whole of Bayview Hunters Point as a Project Area. We have many Sacred Sites all over the Bayview Hunters Point and there is a State Law SB 18 that mandates that City Planning follow the law but no one does. Mayor Gavin Newsom is as corrupt as they come and is in bed with corrupt developers. We know the plans to build the 49er City. We know the plans to prepare for the Olympics and use Bayview Hunters Point and Redevelopment as a ply to accommodate corrupt developers like Lennar BVHP LLC.

We are aware of other ploys and will counter attack these evil ploys with measures that will be very affective. I am here to reveal the ignorance to the Board of Supervisors and Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Our Sacred Burial Sites have to be protected. I was instrumental in saving single handed the Shellmound on Crissy Field by the Mason Gate. When I stated to the evil Barbara Jo Ann Griffin that there was a Shellmound on Crissy Field the authorities with intent went ahead and dug the place. When the Shellmound was discovered after desecration more pressure had to be applied to save the Shellmound. The world does not know this fact but it is true. One person can make the difference. My name is Francisco Da Costa.

There are Sacred Shellmounds near the Cliff House, more all over the Bayview, still more by Hunters Point, more Cesar Chavez Street, Upper and Lower Fort Mason, on the Presidio, and in others places. These are Sacred Burial Grounds and the City and County of San Francisco thinks it is a joke.

I have spoken loud many times but the fools do not want to listen. Many times in the past when warnings were given no one pay heed - but now the time for retribution is at hand. Up until 1924 edicts were sent to KILL the First People of California. Scalps got a person $5 that was very recently up until 1924. There is BLOOD on the hands of many that committed this crime and that of their relatives.

Native Americans went to fight in World War I and II and when they came back they were not respect and denied their rights.

Today over sixty percent of California Tribes are not respected and many are not on the Federal Register. San Francisco and the neighboring areas belong to the Muwekma Ohlone and the land was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone. This is a fact and will be a fact. We have thieves making policies such as Aaron Peskin and an inept and very ignorant person like Sophie Maxwell. Read SB 18. No Burial Site should be desecrated as it is done today all over San Francisco. San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is an EVIL as they be and more those that back this ploy to use Blight, Eminent Domain, Debt, and Tax Increment to steal land and drive innocent people away from their neighborhoods.

Read SB 18.

And visit the website of the Vallejo Intertribal Council.

Burial Site Advocates.

Jim Brown from Elm County.

Shellmound Activists.

Mark Le Beau.

Corrina Gould.

Wounded Knee De Ocampo.

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