Fleecing and Pollution - PG&E.


Politicians, past Mayors of San Francisco, recent Mayors and the present Mayor Gavin Newsom are fully cognizant of the fact that Municipal Buildings and Public Housing are entitled to Electricity generated from Hetch Hetchy which lies in Yosemite National Park.

The Raker Act of 1913 clearly declares that Public Housing should get free Electricity. It also mandates that Municipal Buildings be provided with Electricity generated from Hetch Hetchy. This factor has been brought to the ears of our so-called leaders - but no one wants to take on Pacific Gas and Electric.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission cannot do a good job of regulating its assets. Poor Pat Martel tries but she does not have the ability to understand the fundamentals. Hetch Hetchy power has been wasted and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has been laughing all the way to the bank. Right now PG&E wants to charge people from the SF Port Authority that got cheaper electricity from Hetch Hetchy. PG&E wants to meter and charge Municipal Buildings and control the City's Energy.

For over 3 years now I have been saying that Public Housing at Hunters Point use to get free Electricity. It fact all of Public Housing at one time had NO individual electric meters. Then came Willie L. Brown Jr. and he saw to it that he did his black sisters and brothers in and other poor folks too - they all had to pay Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) big money.

I have said that PG&E owes all those in Public Housing money big time. The Raker Act and other San Francisco City and County laws governing Public Housing have been broken. Rich folks and among them all the politicians who have served San Francisco for years past 7 years have blood on their hands. They have forced poor people on fixed incomes to pay Electric Bills - some as high as $1200 per month.

San Francisco Environment (SFE) a Department of the City and County of San Francisco was told about this issue. One can state it to them but they just look the other way. I have stated it to them very clearly and they clearly were shocked when they heard it the first time. They want me to go away but I will state again as long as they steal and harm the poor people from Public Housing they have a major problem.

It is amazing how SFE will partner with PG&E to address issues like saving San Franciscans energy. They do this by coming up with silly gimmicks and statistics meant to fool idiots.

Some time ago they went to certain neighborhoods and exchanged clumsy and cheap Christmas Lights for older Christmas Lights that most people do not use anyway. Think about it Christmas Lights are used once a year - and a gimmick of free Christmas Lights the fake Santa Claus concept is easily bought by those who are poor and will take bread crumbs. Filthy rich people who waste electricity will not stoop down to accept so-called Christmas lights that save energy.

The SFE and Ann Kelly and Cal Broomhead devised another ploy. Let us exchange lamps that consume high energy and give the poor so called energy saving lamps and fixtures. From this ploy further statistics were derived and published to fool the constituents of San Francisco and the California Public Utilities Commission. These gimmicks do some good but they are not the answer to millions made by PG&E by charging poor people who live in Public Housing.

The thousands of small businesses do not get a break. Time to give them an opportunity to upgrade their equipment much, of which use older equipment that wastes electricity. Time to replace fixtures on all homes and housing units of poor people. Time to give the people who live in Public Housing free electricity.

Time to fix, repair and replace our transmission lines. Time to close down the two toxic spewing old power plants. Time to forget thinking of putting toxic spewing Combustible Turbines (CTs) in our neighborhood. Especially, if they will use secondary effluents as part of the cooling system. Pathogens released in the air adversely impact everyone.

I was very straight forward and asked the PG&E representative in the presence of Ann Kelly about the situation at Hunters Point where PG&E was charging poor people for Electricity that was due them FREE in the first place. There was some murmur but nothing more. SFE and PG&E who have been working hand in glove - do not want anyone to upset the barrel. Right now they think they are fooling us all - they simply do not understand that they cannot fool all the people all the time.

I think it is time to put those people who clearly know that they are fleecing poor people in jail. These jerks need to go to a place to feel the pain they have inflicted on poor people for the last 6 years or so. Many people have been forced to pay PG&E and go hungry. In the meantime PG&E has been bailed $8 Billion and its executives given bonuses worth millions.

It is baffling when politicians and our City Leaders cannot fathom this concept. I challenge Gavin Newsom to take PG&E to court. I also challenge him to question San Francisco Department of the Environment why are they working with PG&E. PG&E should have nothing to do with a corrupt organization like SFE. And SFE should not perpetuate further injustice on the constituents of San Francisco. I challenge Cal Broomfeld and Ann Kelly to tell me the number of closed session they have had with PG&E? Why were they recently meeting with TURN to work against the constituents of San Francisco?

We have certain so-called Community Based Organization who makes a lot of noise. None of them had the guts to point out in writing or even verbally what I have stated in this article and previous articles. The Bay Guardian has taken PG&E and to task. But, the Bay Guardian has yet to address the Raiker Act and Public Housing getting free Electricity.

Why did it come to pass that Public Housing had to pay for Electricity from Hetch Hetchy which is mandated to be given free to the poor by the Raker Act of 1913?

I am sick of tired of CBOs who pontificate. If anyone has the guts they should take this matter to the highest level as I have on my own. If I was a greedy I could have sued SFE and PG&E and still can. I have the documents and I have the articles and a paper trail.

Gavin Newsom and his cronies do not care about the poor. How can a filthy rich White Boy really understand the pangs of the poor? This is not about some one-time basket ball match and a few bread crumbs thrown to the poor. This is an on going battle that takes guts.

People close to Gavin Newsom should tell him after reading this article how PG&E has made millions of the poor who live on fixed income in Public Housing. In any other City some lawyer would sue the City and PG&E but not San Francisco. Our City leaders talk the talk but they do not walk the walk.

Are there any lawyers who can sue PG&E and the City and County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Department of the Environment and reveal the TRUTH? Any takers?

How about the Federal Bureau of Investigation being called in and the rascals be sent to jail with their fake statistics that SFE and PG&E show us at the many dog and pony meetings?

Some of these guys and gals should sit on that Electric Chair of Justice.

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