Young Community Developers (YCD) met behind closed doors and did something that will come to haunt them for the rest of their lives. They with intent made it so difficult for the newly hired Director to carry out his obligations that Leon had but NO choice to leave YCD.

YCD Director as swiftly as they acted unwisely has rung their death knoll.

We cannot play with the lives of our youth. YCD Directors all of them have played with the lives of our youth by not following the dictates of Accountability and Transparency.

The newly appointed Executive Director who is a woman does not have the ability to understand nor follow the mandates of sound Accountability and Transparency.

I give her less then 2 months and she will be history.

If YCD directors were prudent and had some sense they would have worked with Leon who is a good man, will not stand for corruption, which is rampant, and a cancer at YCD. It has been for years especially the last 5 years.

I have visited YCD many times and not once did I get the proper attention due to some one going to help YCD. YCD the main organization has totally diverted its resources from helping the youth and has made corruption and bribery its main forte.

YCD directors would do well to step back and think well. It is too late to cover your tracks you and the unkind and uncouth ways and works will be revealed to the Public. You asked for it and you will get it.

As for Leon you will succeed in life simply because you did well to move away from the cancer. For too long has YCD in the name of the community dishonored the youth and taken advantage of Grants that should have benefited the youth.

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