Much of the land that was undeveloped and came under industrial zoning at Mission Bay is owned by Southern Pacific and Catellus Corporation.

Today, one sees many buildings most for commercial use and some for housing. This article will address some of the many elements that so-called environmentalist have no idea about.

Why are watchdog environmental agencies allowing Catellus Corporation to break environmental laws and regulations? Why is the City and County of San Francisco adversely harming its citizens by putting them in harms way? Why are the Regional Water Control Board (RWCB), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) not going after the crooks and investigating the blatant negligence at Mission Bay? Why?

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There are four large railroad tracts which all belonged to Southern Pacific. The first site is at Brisbane, which the whole world knows is very toxic, and nothing much is done on this site. In Sacramento a large railroad tract belonging to Southern Pacific was cleaned and over 1 millions tons removed and legally disposed off. Southern Pacific also owned another huge rail tract in Oakland and this site was very toxic. From this site over 400, 000 tons of toxic soil was removed and legally disposed off.

The haunting question that puzzles everyone is what has happened to the toxic soil at Mission Bay by 4th and King. The whole site owned by Southern Pacific for the same period of time it owned the sites at Brisbane, Oakland and Sacramento were polluted by the same toxic elements.

There is strong evidence that all the toxic soil from the Southern Pacific site at Mission bay has been buried at the lowest spot in the region. Again and again strong preliminary evidence points to the area under which stands the brand new University of California San Francisco Hospital Complex.

A certain Mr. Adams is fully cognizant of the wrong doings in this area. In these civilized times knowing what we know it is simply wrong to bury highly toxic waste substances and not do the right thing.

Catellus Corporation has been able to do as it pleases because it has the backing of powerful people at City Hall - the City and County of San Francisco.

Not long ago Navy Personnel were sent to Catellus Corporation who advised the Navy how best to cover their toxic soil without shipping it out from any site and incurring huge expenses. We all know that the right thing to do it remove the toxic soil and ship it to a site where it can be stored away from human beings.

There is strong evidence that so much toxic soil has been spread over such a vast area at Mission Bay - that soon many will fall prey to many diseases brought about by being exposed to lead, PCBs, toxic oils and other carcinogens.

There is further proof that toxic soils from 1055 Mission Street in San Francisco were illegally disposed off. Further toxic soils from the site near the Marriott Hotel by 4th and Mission in San Francisco.

In each of the cases stated the environmental agencies are fully aware of the situation but will NOT do anything. Catellus and some others have saved millions of dollars - but every single day they are jeopardizing the lives of thousands. Many of them infants.

San Francisco Department of Health and the San Francisco Department of Public Works is fully aware of what is going on at Mission Bay. Someone is telling them to look the other way because vast amounts of money have been contributed and given - we all know that this is NOT RIGHT but it is going on every single day.

We all know that environmental agencies local, State, and Federal are hard pressed for money and short of personnel - yet that are cases where some one environmental agency has gone after the crooks and made good stuff happen. I am calling upon the Department of Toxic Substances Control to investigate into Mission Bay and bring justice to thousands.

Right now DTSC seems to be the only State agency that is doing the right thing.

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