The crooks behind the scene see NO reason for a fresh Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on Parcel A. The parcel has over 8 focused hot spots all connected with Radiological Elements. The boundary of the Parcel has been altered and the Cumulative Pollutants from the surrounding areas never addressed.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the corrupt SF Redevelopment Agency under Marcia Rosen, Lennar BVHP LLC and others who know that they are pushing for this project better stop and reflect or it will come to haunt them.

The City and County of San Francisco have an Ordinance on the books mandating the Precautionary Principle and exerting its principles on all projects. CEQA demands an EIR and common sense should stop all those who are greedy adversely impacting those who will work and live on Parcel A knowing well that it is dirty and should be abated.

The Navy has an obligation to clean Parcel A on its own terms. No Department of Defense Agency will be pushed around by civilians be it the City and County of San Francisco or some other entity. The U.S. Navy may reluctantly hand over Parcel A but the Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco will then bear full responsibility. This includes liability.

At this time I would deem it beneficial for the morons who are out there that the Restoration Advisory Board should be consulted on all matters important. The Citizens Advisory Committee appointed by the Mayor is a joke and they are the ones who permitted 40 sub-committee meetings in a month. Earlier when the CAC met often times they had no quorum. It would also be important to note that the CAC increased its members to over 25 to carry devious instructions from the most corrupt Mayor, Willie L Brown Jr. to push for the passing of the Disposition and Development Agreement. This happened December 2, 20043.

I demand a fresh Environmental Impact Report. This is the right thing to do at this time. Also the Precautionary Principle has a place on Parcel A.

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