There was a time in California when one could be admitted to the University of California (UC) college system for free and there were no restrictions. Now students who wish to enter UC system are told to take a hike and walk towards the Community Colleges. Spend two years and then may be try the UC college system.

It is baffling that in these times of Information and sound Education we play with the lives of the youth and those who crow about without really caring about the careers of our youth.

The California politicians who wile their time round the year and during the few weeks before the California Budget pull out their hair to come out with some half-baked budget. This year the Governor has taken a break and gone to a funeral to Austria - he will come back to deal cards with John Burton and as usual the students and others who need help will be told - this time around there is no money for them to go to the UC colleges.

As to going to City Colleges they could go but this too is not clear. There is no real plan put in place to help the students. The City Colleges do not have the means to handle an influx of bright students just trying to get educated in these times when the politicians do not seem to care for their welfare because no one it talking about the money to help them and educate the students.

Today, I guess only the filthy rich are afforded the luxury to go to college. Of course most of them go to private colleges but gone are the days when you could go to those UC colleges all over California and earn a degree, bring you the returns of a well deserved degree.

State Colleges are still a good bet and there are other schools that can give you a good degree in Computer Science, Construction, Mechanics and so forth. Europe changed the way education was imparted and trade schools are well respected.

It all depends on our assets. Our human resources. The out-sourcing of vital jobs has the Nation worried. Our jails are full of mostly people of color. In these jails many White business monopolies are establishing factories. Better these women and men in jails be educated then be part of sweat jobs that pay them little and make money for the already filthy rich.

Once the military gave you options to get educated. Today with Bush screwing with Iraq the chances of one getting killed are more likely. The chances of getting a degree less likely. So much for Republican goons who pick on the poor and those who for year got a good education joining the system of opportunity.

It is time we treat our youth with respect. Give them the money to go to college. Train their minds so that the youth give the best to this Nation we call the United States of America.

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