We have decent people who live and work in San Francisco and then we have the crooks.

Looking up to all these folks is a Chorus Frog that is on the verge of extinction because of the actions of a few who are all out to destroy. Who will come to the rescue of the Chorus Frog? The Chorus Frog made its stand, its fight for survival at Islais Creek by 3rd Street and Marin Street - 1800 Illinois Street to be precise. Go check out the site!

The Chorus Frog is very small the size of your thumbnail but boy can he or she sing. Here in San Francisco many of us have not heard about the red leg frog, the chorus frog, and for that matter nothing at all when it comes to endangered species that has come about because of human stupidity. The encroachment and destruction of the environs of the endangered species by stupid human beings all over San Francisco.

Do you think the Department of Public Works with Mr. Lee and Mohammed Nuru would know anything about the Chorus Frog? Do you think the San Francisco Port Authority with director damsel Monique Moyer has ever visited Islais Creek? Do you think - anyone not understanding a simple question like the Commissioner on the Port Commission - Sue Bierman, understands the workings and corruption prevailing at the San Francisco Port Authority? The ineptness is all prevailing and has reached saturation point. Corruption and more of it.

At Islais Creek the only Open Space that was saved by David Erickson and which is still San Francisco Port Property was cleaned and taken care of because the SF Port Authority lacked the decency and the knowledge to know or do better. This guerrilla garden made the list on the world map and the chorus frog grew by leaps and bounds and made history. This Chorus Frog was and is still an inspiration to the few human beings left on this planet who are caring and humane.

It so happened that while the Chorus Frog was singing in its habitat above. Below its habitat lay the Force Main and evil forces were digging 3 conduits under the Chorus Frog habitat that would destroy the habitat.

Long before the Force Main collapsed and spilled the half-treated sewage all over the Muwekma Park that is the abode of the Chorus Frog by Islais Creek we all had hope.

The San Francisco Port Commission heard me as I represent the concerns and hope of the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone. David Erickson chose to name the Park after the First People and keeps the aspirations of the Muwekma Park and in doing so give hope to the endangered Chorus Frog.

The Chorus Frog cannot talk and human beings evil by choice can and have destroyed much of what was good in San Francisco. Try convincing the Board of Supervisors and Sophie Maxwell the most corrupt Supervisor from District 10 about the plight of the Force Main and the Chorus Frog? The woman agreed with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to build 3 conduits under the Force Main and cause tremendous damage that will imperil the health and safety of the City and County of San Francisco.

Right now as the Chorus Frog is being killed because the environs are polluted with toxic waste. The rest of the Muwekma Park slated for destruction to dig and try to fix the 3 failed conduits that are filled with slurry and cannot be used as Transmission Lines for electricity and Cable Lines for communication. Millions of dollars spent without due consideration. A failed plan with proper soil analysis in an area that is all landfill. No Environmental Impact Report or Study. Shame.

It is a paradox that human beings will not take that little effort to ask for an Environmental Impact Study or Report. Federal and State Agencies should fine and jail all those who with intent killed the Chorus Frog that is an endangered species.

We have so many Environmentalists and others who fake to be community leaders. How can they be leaders when they have NO education? How can they be leaders when they are not informed on issues?

How can they be humane when they with intent, under the shadow of ignorance destroy all that is good - the little that is left in San Francisco?

The Muwekma Ohlone Park was a project taken to save the Chorus Frog and one of its last habitats by Islais Creek.

Another important habitat was covered by concrete and the frogs killed when the Friend of Islais Creek mostly ignorant White Folks headed by Julia Viera built a Park that is utilized by drug dealers and those who have fallen out on their luck. The Park is filthy and constantly bombarded by the filthy stench from the near by Pelphs Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. Over $10 million was wasted on this project and the City and County of San Francisco, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission sees nothing wrong with wasting so much money.

The Project killed thousands of Chorus Frogs but there was no one to save them. This will not happen this time around. Anyone who kills and harms the Chorus Frog will be taken before the Court of Justice. Let this warning be heard by MUNI, SFPUC, the City and County of San Francisco. Most importantly Monique Moyer and the SF Port Authority.

The Muwekma Ohlone Park is the only Park named after the First People of San Francisco. The Board of Supervisors has passed several Resolutions acknowledging the Muwekma Ohlone. The City has yet to name one Single Street, road, park, or building after the Muwekma Ohlone.

David Erickson took upon himself with permission from the Tribal Chairperson to save a site and the habitat of the Chorus Frog. He also deemed it fit to name the site the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary.

I went before the San Francisco Port Commission and in the August 12, 2000 San Francisco Port Commission the Commissioners acknowledge the work of David Erickson and agreed that the name: Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary was a fitting name and approved by all Commissioners present. Anyone can have access to the minutes of this important meeting.

It took some persuasion from Francisco Da Costa but he managed against odds to make this important procedure happen. In doing so the SF Port Authority gave its tacit permission for the Chorus Frog to be saved and the Muwekma Park and Sanctuary to exist.

To date the San Francisco Port Authority has done nothing substantially to help David Erickson. Three quarters of the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary is destroyed as a result of the collapse of the failed Force Main under the Park. The other area is now slated for complete destruction to fix the conduits also under the Park that has cost the taxpayer and the constituents of San Francisco millions.

Our Board of Supervisors (BOS) were told about the conduits and the Force Main and how the conduits imperiled the Force Main. The BOS were told this many times but they could not fathom the consequences of this ill timed and ill planned project under the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary. Especially the inept, ignorant, and arrogant Sophie Maxwell. Also the SFPUC, MUNI, and the SF Port Authority.

At no time was David Erickson notified by the San Francisco Port Authority the legal owner of this site that was neglected and saved by David Erickson about any digging under the site of the Park.

At no time did the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, MUNI, the City and County of San Francisco inform anyone and David Erickson about the 3 conduits that cost millions and destroyed the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary. Caused the permanent leakage and collapse of the Force Main that carries over 180 million gallons of half treated sewage into the Bay by Pier 80. Pier 80 is a few hundred feet from the Muwekma Park and Sanctuary.

The San Francisco Port Authority has left huge areas between Piers 98 to Pier 70 that are in disrepair. It is here that the SF Port Authority has chosen to dump the worse operations polluting the air, land and water. The SF Port Authority should be taken to task and some of its employees like Diane Oshima, Carol Bach taken to court.

It is not right to kill the Chorus Frog. It is not right to not come to the defense of this Chorus Frog that stands for all things right. This Chorus Frog is a symbol that points out to all of us who have some decency the state of corruption and lack of Accountability and Transparency. Shame on MUNI, Sophie Maxwell, the SFPUC, the City and County of San Francisco and foremost the SF Port Authority.

Who will challenge the Crooks? Who will save the Chorus Frog?

The Chorus Frog Fight for Survival.

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