We have so many Chorus Frogs who make their habitat at the Muwekma Park and Sanctuary. Thanks to David Erickson and hundreds of fans of the Muwekma Park and Sanctuary we have been able to keep the spirit of the Chorus Frog and other species alive. Nothing like hearing hundreds of frogs singing in chorus!

1800 Illinois Street situated by the Muwekma Park and Sanctuary by the Islais Creek. This Open Space tract which was nurtured and fenced has attracted a lot of attention from so many all over the City and County of San Francisco. The site technically belongs to all the people, the San Francisco Port Authority should have taken care of it - but did nothing and now wants to impose its monopoly.

When the disaster took place two days before Thanksgiving - for those of you who do not know - the main SEWER PIPE carrying over 80 million gallons of secondary effluents - collapsed right in the middle of the Muwekma Park and Sanctuary. This was a great shock to all us. Today, what is even more shocking is the nonchalant manner is which many bureaucrats conduct themselves.

The authorities did not tell us that such a monster sewer pipe ran right in the middle of the Muwekma Park. The toxic spill ruined much of the Muwekma Park. It also forced us to saved the Chorus Frogs by placing them in small make shift ponds. Of course hundreds of Chorus Frogs died from the toxicity and the disturbance of the soil - when very heavy machinery was used. The San Francisco Port Authority, MUNI, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the various contractors - do not give a damn.

In the mean time we have been meeting and the meetings are mostly all talk and no action. These buffoons will look at you straight in the eye and lie. They open their mouths to speak one thing but they really mean another. We few concerned fans of the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary have had enough of bureaucrats and their diatribe.

It has been a long time, the perspective of all the above mentioned entities is one of blatant ignorance. I suppose who cannot force buffoons to become environmental conscience - not in a few weeks much less in years.

Bureaucrats that they are there main concern in making a living at the cost of the taxpayer. Their input, service, concerns towards saving and caring for nature and endangered species is next to nothing. No wonder beaurocrats have caused so much damage to contemporary civilization. Their minds and hearts are as cold and hard as concrete - that is the material they are most familiar with.

The California Academy of Science, San Francisco, SLUG a non-profit organization, thousands of children, neighbors, other lurking fans have always admired the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary and Park - many at close distance and others from a far off.

Any habitat that is forced to co-exist with buffoons especially bureaucrats will have to put up a big fight. Of course the fight is one sided - the buffoons unfortunately have intelligence which they do not use. The birds, insects, other animal life have to use their instincts. The competition is very unfair - hence some one has to speak for nature, habitat, and organisms that bureaucrats will take a lifetime to understand an iota from.

Chorus Frogs once abounded in an around the entire wet lands and marshlands that was the San Francisco Bay Area. Men wanted land on which to build his structures and what you see today are thousands of structures - where once abounded all sorts of life. Among them a thriving population of CHORUS FROGS.

We are very fortunate in San Francisco that we have thousands who stand for the TRUTH. For ideas and facts that are TRUE. The fight is not easy and the sacrifice is always great. But there can be NO genuine LOVE without SACRIFICE. Think about that bureaucrats.

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