Coast Guard by Islais Creek.


The San Francisco Port Authority (SFPA) simply does not get it. Under the previous Director Douglas Wong the SFPA made some blunders that has cost it millions. The Aliotos won their lease case and the SFPA had to fork out millions of dollars - $3 million plus according to the reports.

On Pier 92 the SFPA took on the Regulatory Agencies and had to abate and clean up 20 tons of toxic soil at a cost of over $1 million dollars. SFPA has lost several other cases. Other entities are filing court cases because several precedents have been set and cases won against the Port.

Right now the SFPA has a golden opportunity to stop the process and NOT move ahead with the so-called movable bridge on Islais Creek. This movable bridge would benefit Cattelus Corporation in a vague manner but cause irreparable environmental damage to the surrounding area around 1800 Illnois Street by Islais Creek very near Marin Street on 3rd Street in San Francisco.

Right now the SFPA has no design for this proposed movable bridge that meets any standard. The site has unique problems tidal forces, seismic concerns, a Force Main which carries over 180 million gallons of half treated sewage into the Bay, one of kind plant, animal, insect, and birds that have taken refuge in the immediate area where the proposed movable bridge has been slated to be erected.

The San Francisco Port Authority desires 15 million dollars from the Board of Supervisors to go ahead with this stupid project. It has taken donations from Norcal Waste Systems, Bode Gravel, Hanson Sand and Aggregate, RMC, Cattelus who have give over $4 million, and several other agencies. This proposed bridge once had a price tag of $8 million today that price is sky rocketing and may cost close to $30 million plus. The SFPA should return the donations. Some investigation should be done about donations and how this tactic is tolerated. Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this matter?

Several agencies like BCDC and the Coast Guard have been compelled by the SFPA to grant them permission to build this god-forsaken bridge that leads to no where.

I would hope that the Coast Guard in these times when our key infrastructure can fall prey to terrorists are very careful how we plan and execute the building of key conduits of travel.

As I see it this bridge that leads to no where is not wanted. In these times of fiscal constraints we do not need this bridge. We have one a few feet away that is going through seismic retrofitting at great expense. The existing bridge more then does justice to all means of traffic in the surrounding area.

The SFPA does not care about human beings and adding to the existing pollution in the immediate area of the bridge. The bridge if built will allow millions of vehicles to spew diesel the most dangerous toxin that harms human life. It also harms all life.

We have the Darlin Plant that spews pathogens into the air and foul smell from its operations. It collects grease and other fatty animal products and processes these elements for sale.

Between the proposed movable bridge lie the two old toxic spewing power plants - the Mirant plant and the Hunters Point power plant.

The vehicular traffic with tons of diesel toxins added to the toxins spewed from the two power plants should have deterred the proponents of this evil bridge. Each power plant spews 750 tons of toxins each and every year. As much as we reason with these greedy proponents of the proposed bridge - to no avail. These folks cannot realize the harm the proposed movable bridge will cause to so many life species including human beings from the most toxic pollution ever generated.

The Board of Supervisors (BOS) should look into this matter as soon as possible. The BOS should not appropriate any money towards the Cattelus Bridge over Islais Creek.

The San Francisco Port Authority has been very slow in comprehending issues before preferring to defy wisdom and those who are educated and counsel them for the good of society at large. Pier 92 and the toxic soil, the paving of Illinois Street so me 6 miles over toxic soil.

SFPA officials have been dumb and stupid in their decision making on the above mentioned projects and others in the pipeline.

They have failed before at Pier 98, they have failed with the Aliotos, they have failed with some employee personnel decisions, they have failed at Pier 92 and if they are not careful they will fail with the proposed Illinois Bridge over Islais Creek.

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