The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) is working with crooks behind the scene to expand the Project Area, which gives the SFRA the authority to seize any property by using the law of Eminent Domain. They declare the area as BLIGHT and seize it.

In the 1940s that is how the property known today at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was acquired to serve the purposes of World War II. Now it is history repeating itself. The Navy transferred the property to Housing and Urban Development (HUD), some was leased to the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) others to AIMCO which manages some property and there are pockets of housing which are enclaves where people have pooled their assets to live as tenants of a Housing Colony.

The paradox was that in the late 1970s the Project Area Committee (PAC) was formed on the Hill at Hunters Point. When the Southeast Community Facility Commission was built the PAC established itself at 1800 Oakdale - far away from reality, ground zero and over a period of time has done absolutely nothing.

The PAC should develop projects and establish pertinent documents to develop the area in question. The paradox is that the PAC comes under the SFRA and as long as the PAC get it money from the SFRA - it cannot bite the hand that feeds it. The fox is in the Chicken House.

For years the corrupt PAC has held no elections. The various committees - the Land Use Committee, the Housing Committee, the Educational Committee, the Economic and Development Committee, the Health Committee - are at best committees that talk the talk but do not walk the walk. Sophie Maxwell belong to this group so did Nuru.

The PAC under the diabolic designs of SF Redevelopment Agency is now trying to extend the Project Area to take under its wing the whole of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the surrounding area by Kiska Road up on the hill which has one of the best views in the City.

This time around there will not be a Fillmore. The people will fight the crooks tooth and nail - "We shall not be taken for a ride".

It is a shame that House Negroes who were gatekeepers and paid by corrupt forces have brought upon injustice upon fellow Black and mostly minority communities. It is a shame that fellow Blacks so called inept, ignorant, and arrogant leaders do not have a vision to bring about change. Among them standing tall Sophie Maxwell.

I have watched the Disposition and Development Agreement forced down the throats of the constituents who live around the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Over 40 sub-committees were held in a month. The meetings were held at odd hours so that the least possible of people could find out what was really happening.

Maurice Campbell, Lynne Brown, Kevyn Lutton, Andrew Bozeman, and a few others did their level best to monitor the crooks. We will now take the crooks to court.

The DDA linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard will be challenged in Court. The organizers among them Willie B. Kennedy with intent kept people out by reserving the seats before the meeting with hired guns who did not have the interests of the constituents who wish to see that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is cleaned to standards that meet Quality of Life Standards.

They do not care if our children are dying from pollution. That our Elders are adversely affected. Those women are dying from cancer. Those respiratory diseases are on the rise.

Proposition P, which was voted by the majority of the constituents of San Francisco clearly mandated that the Shipyard in toto be cleaned to acceptable standards. There are laws and regulations today in the Environmental Protection Agency books that mandate stringent clean up standards. EPA is determined to do the right thing.

I am going to send this article to Edwin Lowry and Charlene Williams from the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC). Also my good friend Norman Riley who helped me clean up Pier 92.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the most corrupt Black Mayor who did the most amount of injustice to his fellow constituents did everything in his power to help Lennar BVHP LLC build over 1600 poor housing on a site that is rampant with communicating methane gas as the Navy describes the situation at hand.

I cannot think on any other San Francisco Mayor who has done so much injustice to the people of San Francisco. I am of the opinion that those who did the bidding of the Mayor should be brought to book among them the Bayview Project Area Committee. Marcia Rosen from SFRA and her cronies. Select Commissioners who are still on the SFRA Commission and have been on the take. Some of them being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation linked to some crooks that work for Lennar BVHP LLC. All of them connected with Willie L. Brown Jr.

Let us not forget some of those cronies on the take who belonged to the Citizens Advisory Committee linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Yard. The CAC was expanded so that the crooks could form various sub-committees to cheat and fleece the constituents.

In the mean time thank God we have Lynne Brown who is organizing the people from Hunters Point on Kiska Road and the surrounding area. As co-Chair of the Restoration Advisory Board we all help him fight the crooks. This time around there will be fire works the likes few have seen.

This is not Fillmore and we do not care if a few House Negroes are selling their fellow sisters and brothers most of them Black. These Blacks need help but all they get is stress and problems that drive them out of the area and away from Hunters Point. Society has created a new breed of Slave Owners and this time around their asses are black.

If it were not for the few activists who have fought the good fight and have informed people all over the City through the local newspapers, Indymedia, web sites such as the one you are reading now, testifying before the Board of Supervisors, other sub-committees who can make a difference the crooks would by now have created a situation where most of the poor people would be on the streets.

The novice Mayor Gavin Newsom is trying to make some headlines by going to Hunters Point and side tracking the real issues at hand. He would do well to live in one of the units at Hunters Point just like Governor Jerry Brown did when he was Governor. Jerry is now the Mayor of Oakland and can be contacted for verification.

Gavin would do well to state to the world what are his intentions with the $150 million he has, which he can use to build housing for the have not and first time owners.

Gavin is beholden to the developers and they really do not give a hoot about poor people. They love the Waterfront and have come out with Proposition J that will hurt the neighborhood and the Public at Large because what is lacking is real Public deliberation and participation.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the surrounding area will not be for grabs. Right now many are well organized with real plans to defeat those who think they can come - vini, vici, vidi.

We have gone to organize the Samoan Community. As long as we have good leaders like Rev. Bill Vaovasa and John Nauer. The Samons youth know their rights and have been well informed. We even have placed two members Sam and Lisa on the Restoration Advisory Board and these members are working and informing the community.

Sophie Maxwell, God Bless her soul is so pathetic that many have long written her off. Willie has his cronies in and around the area some of them are being investigated for corruption. Voter fraud cannot be taken lightly. Using money from the Private Industry Council cannot be taken lightly. It is wrong to pocket money that the Community Based Organizations have a habit of doing - money that should be spent on those who need help most.

The Southeast Sector is always a fascinating area - people may think they can fool all the people all the time - this time around Hunters Point will not be for grabs. We are ready for the crooks so B E W A R E !

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