Three hundred years ago most of San Francisco was pristine. Lots of sand dunes and hills all over the place. From the three huge hills two situated on what is now Hunters Point Shipyard and the now famous Bayview Hill one could see for miles as far as the area now famous - the Golden Gate and beyond.

Today most of what was wetland and marshland has been filled with fill in some of it good but most of it toxic. The sand dunes have been covered with a concrete jungle of buildings and roads. Non-native plants were replaced with trees, which grew so high, obstructing the past views from any high point in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Today, the people who live on the Hill around Kiska road and the surroundings still enjoy a panoramic view that most people envy. Most of houses in this area come under the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority, which has been at a loss how to maintain the housing. Other federal entities and some private owners enjoy some of the housing at Hunters Point and they all seem to have one good comment the views they enjoy.

A comment that often one hears is about crime and safety. Pick any police crime report for any month going back two or three years and one see the increase in violent crime. Most of the crime is black on black violence. Most of it so pathetic and mind-boggling that is defies any logic. Often times when the congregation gathers to pay respects to the young dead African American brother or sister - they realize that the one who killed the other were related! Often third or fourth cousins! I have been for many a wake and come out of that experience - asking myself when will the violence stop.

Added to the violence are many forms of exploitation. Among the most horrific exploiters has been Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). The old aging, polluting, toxic spewing plant is a few hundred yards from the Housing Authority buildings that make up the greater part of the Projects on the Hill. For decades the people have been exposed to the toxic plant and many do not even know it. They breathe the foul air every single day and poison their bodies till death summons them.

Added to these PG&E charges the people on the Hill rates that are exorbitant. Time for PG&E to pay any each of the ratepayers a dividend or bonus. Failing which the ratepayers on the Hill should file a class action against PG&E under Executive Order 12898. This Executive protects all minorities against injustices shoved down their throats for over 45 years.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and so does Espanola Jackson who lived on the Hill and has been a community activists for over 45 years. The Muwekma are the first people of San Francisco and close to all African Americans. We share a common denominator - discrimination. The Muwekma Ohlone tribe strongly believes that those strangers who exploit the honest and the innocent should be brought before the law and that those who have been adversely impacted - should be compensated.

Recently the San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF DOE) was given over $16.3 million dollars to reduce energy consumption. The money should be used in area adversely affected by the old toxic spewing and polluting PG&E plant that is situated at Hunters Point close to Middle-Point and by Herons Head Park which is a toxic dump.

PG&E and SF DOE could have retrofitted all the homes getting power from the old PGE plant at Hunters Point and Bayview and saved millions. On the contrary SF DOE and PG&E partners in crime went downtown to help the filthy rich save energy on the backs of the poor. This is plain wrong.

Moreover the downtown really does NOT get all its power from the Hunters Point Power Plant. We know that all the power that Bayview Hunters gets is from the old polluting Hunters Point Power Plant.

Time for PG&E, SF DOE, our Mayor who has let the people down, to right what has been wrong? Time to call in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and send these White Collar Crooks to a place where they can chill out. They will not go to San Quentin or Folsom but most probably to Vacaville where they will still be able to eat some fine steak.

It is a great pity that the Supervisor of District 10 has her nose in the air. She has sold her constituents again and again to the highest bidder. Just trying calling her office (415) 554-7670 or (415) 821-3909 for some help. If you succeeded please e-mail me at Thank you.

Time to elect some one who can truly represent the people on the Hill and Bayview. Some one who can walk down 3rd Street and enjoy the respect and company of the constituents who are NOT cared for.

Greedy Suckers Power Mongers are killing our children. Just go around the block and see for yourselves how many of our talented children have asthma. Suffer from cancer. Other chronic respiratory diseases. Time for reparation. Time for a class action suit against PG&E and those crooks that work hand in glove with PG&E.

The Hunters Point Shipyard has been shut down for so long that most of us have forgotten that it exists. We know that there was a big fire and that many of us suffered. We know from our rap and hip-hop that the White men screwed the land up. We know of words like radiological and methane gas - we know that means trouble and we know what up on the Shipyard. What we ought to know is that reparation is due.

We should demand the Shipyard be cleaned and that the land be given to the people to whom it rightfully belong. All of the land, cleaned to standards so that our children can go to good schools, play on fine play ground, rap and hip-hop in the best auditoriums, produce the best CDs, and market our world renowned artistic talent in the millions!

We make NOT know it but the best rap and hip-hop comes from Hunters Point. So much pain has been put on our people that the outlet has brought forth the best lyrics, from the heart, mind boggling, and yet straight out of HP! I know many of the artists and I am a richer person because of it.

We have the power to take the reins and make good stuff happen. The violence must stop, the bargains should be made at City Hall, bring down the exploiters not the sister or brother who we should love. Let City Hall play ball with us while we call the plays. If we can hip hop, rap, and sing the blues why is it difficult for us to crank up the screws on the crooks? Surely we can make donuts around those that are nuts and are playing with our lives!

For too long have to many of us suffered from the wily nilly plots of Greed Suckers Power Mongers.

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