The Authorities that be - those who represent the Coalition are afraid to state that the war is over. This war will never be over. What we have done is sent some dictator to some safe haven. It may be Syria but it could be Russia! With the war in Iraq we have open an unending chapter.

Now, we have to deal with the real stuff. First and foremost learn Arabic and it would be wise to study the civilization of the Iraqi people. Iraq is not Afghanistan as the Armed Forces quickly learned. The people of Iraq were ruled by leaders some wise and some corrupt over thousands of years. Some of the leaders were wise and ordinary men, other Kings, and still other Dictators. The Iraqi people were wise for they could adapt and that is not an easy human experience.

The British were instrumental in exploiting Iraq and the Middle East for hundreds of years. Just like they did wherever they spread their colonial claws. They even carved out Kuwait from ancient Iraq and divided the people. The British propped up a King so that they could steal the oil. Today, the British have joined their cousins to screw up what they started a long time ago.

Today, in Iraq a lot of innocent people have been traumatized. No one can remove the trauma of the falling bombs, killing of innocent civilians, especially young infants and children - over night - as the saying goes time will tell.

Syria is and has always been a safe haven for those that desire in the name of Islam to fight the infidel - which are those Western Nations who belong to the Coalition Forces. This war will be carried out for decades and all along most of us will have to be vigilant.

Right now Saddam and his extended family are safe and it will require another declaration of war to go after Saddam and his close circle of friends. Are we prepared? I do not think so. So, we will have to wait and while we wait - we will have to right the wrong and build what we have destroyed.

There are many SAFE HAVENS all over the world - all one needs is the money and the connections. I hope we have learned our lesson. Was this war worth the over 100 Billion Dollars we spent - the over 100 Billion Dollars we will need to address the factors arisen because of this war. It is for historians to address these questions.

At one time we had standards and values. Right now might is right. If those in power want something and they have the might they well take it from you.

This war was a one sided war. David versus Goliath - an elephant fighting an ant!

To date, we have NOT found any weapons of mass destruction!

No weapons of mass destruction were used!

It will take years to build Iraq. Hopefully, the United Nations and the European and Asian countries will build the Water Plants, the Power Plants, the Hospitals, the Infrastructure - but most of all give good hope to the good people of Iraq.

And while we have stated some of the many issues we feel are important - we strongly feel the Mullahs are out to create their own policy and play one sect against the other. Islam is not Christianity and for those who are in the know - it will be difficult for those NOT of the Islamic Faith to control the day to day state of affairs with the people of Iraq and the neighboring Islamic countries.

Saddam and his extended family is in safe haven - they are watching the daily state of affairs in Iraq and all over the world. Anyway one looks at the present State of Affairs - Saddam has left us several cans of worms - we opened some and find it difficult to fathom the problems and more to address them. We have difficult times ahead of us - now we have to deal with the psychological war. In this field the variables are many and we really do not have experts who can mind read nor fathom the ingenuity of the human experience clouded by hate and faith to rid the infidel. Some haven!

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