We humans can adapt to any situation. The September 11, 2001 episode sent chills throughout the world. What is this world coming to?

Most of us humans are good. It would be remiss to think that we do not have amongst us EVIL people. People whose every intent is to harm others who do not follow the way of thinking and acting. We call some of them fanatics.

I have been to Afghanistan twice. As hard as I try not to state what I am about to state - I cannot. I have always said to my friends that the Afghan is the most hospitable person in the world. Most Afghans embody - beings who are free spirited. No where in all my travel have I seen a nobler race of women and men.

All through history until recent times no one has subdued the Afghans. No one. The Afghans defeated the British. They defeated the Soviets. And all through history they defeated who ever came to deprive them of there freedom.

We in America value our freedom. The Afghans value their freedom. The paradox is that mostly non-Afghans have abused the true meaning of freedom. Osama Mohammed bin Laden is NOT an Afghan. Many of the leading Taliban are NOT Afghan. This idea of jihad - "holy war" has been imposed on the free spirited Afghan by non-Afghans. That is not to say that today in Afghanistan we do not have Afghans who embrace the teachings of "fanatics" like Osama Mohammed bin Laden. They do.

The world under the leadership of the United States should lead the world. We can bring hope to the world and Afghanistan in an unique way. We are the only nation that can bring "hope" by showing love.

This does not mean we will not go after the culprits. Look at it as "tough love".

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