Espanola Jackson, Francisco Da Costa, Kevin Williams, Ahimsa Sumchai, Andrew Bozeman, and Willie Ratcliff led a high power kitchen cabinet to meet Mark Leno and Supervisor's Sophie Maxwell's so called kitchen cabinet - Monday April 21, 2003. Sophie Maxwell's kitchen cabinet did not show up and what is more they had no MENU to offer.

The Hunter Point Shipyard Development Authority (HUPSDA) is an authority that has no place at all considering the present economy and the sad state of affairs prevailing at the Hunters Point Shipyard. Thursday, April 24, 2003 at the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meeting the Navy boldly announced a series of Radiological Hot Spots all over the Shipyard. All those present were stunned.

I did not see the Supervisor of District 10. I saw no one from the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. I did not see anyone from Assembly Mark Leno's office or from the office of Nancy Pelosi. It was critical that some one from the above-mentioned offices should have attended the RAB to understand first hand the nature of the clean up.

It was revealed to those present that the 4th and 5th atom bomb experiment ever near Bikini Atoll involved a number of ships. Some of them were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard for a through clean up or abatement. This clean up was known to us rather vaguely but today we have some details that are mind boggling.

Shot Able was conducted over ground - air burst. Shot Baker was an underground burst that shocked the Navy with waves as high as 100 feet causing havoc and damage beyond the imagination of those who were present. Historically these were the 4th and 5th atomic weapons ever detonated. Over 180 ships were involved in this operation with the Navy playing a lead role.

After this dastardly operation 61 Support Ships returned to Hunters Point Shipyard for decontamination. Also, 18 Target ships which were directly involved with this historical operation.

The Navy Scientist from Virginia, Mrs. Laurie L. Lowman who is Director, Naval Low-Level Radioactive Waste Program as usual was very articulate, factual and down right sincerely frank. After enlightening all present at this historical RAB meeting she further gave a status report, building by building of all the buildings and sites evaluated for radiation at the Shipyard. She has so far over 2100 entries and growing in her data and has been very diligent.

It is my recommendation that since the Supervisor of District 10 is NOT doing her duty and attending to this very serious and important situation which has and will affect the health and safety of the constituents of San Francisco and of those who live in and around the Hunters Point Shipyard that Mrs. Laurie Lowman should be invited to give a special presentation to the Full Board of Supervisors, the City Attorney, the Mayor, the San Francisco Redevelopment, the offices of Mark Leno, Leland Yee, Senator John Burton, Congresspersons Nancy Pelosi, Tom Lantos and Senators Boxer and Feinstein. Other important people that the City Attorney deems necessary to attend this very important briefing.

It was wrong for those who purport to have the interest of the constituents of San Francisco to initiate the Assembly Bill 1187. AB1187 was flawed and those educated realized early on this bill did not come before the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and the City and County of San Francisco for a dialog.

AssemblyPerson Mark Leno stopped the hearing of AB1187 scheduled for April 23 and then again April 30. Many constituents of San Francisco have valued the judgment of AssemblyPerson Mark Leno.

However, I personally feel if wrong judgments such as was about to be made with AB1187 - actions such as this would alienate AssemblyPerson Mark Leno. It has already alienated Supervisor Sophie Maxwell who has not read the proposed legislation and fails to understand the complexities in and around Hunters Point Shipyard.

At this time Mr. Keith Forman who is in charge of the Clean Up at the Hunters Point Shipyard is doing a good job. He has cooperated with the RAB members and members of the community interested with the Clean Up and have been forthright in his dealings. Mr. Keith Forman can be reached at (619) 532-0913 or (415) 515-6216. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard web site:

The constituents of the City and County of San Francisco are not happy with the Treasure Island Development Authority. So far they are NOT happy with the Hunters Point Shipyard Development Authority.

Further is would be very beneficial to call for a hearing on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard from the Department of Defense (DoD) now that the war is almost over. Also, a Congressional Hearing to further enlighten of City officials and those who think they know about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which closed its doors in 1974.

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