I have been saying it for years that the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee is an illegal body that has been doing immense damage to the Bayview Hunters Point Area. Millions have been wasted.

A few days ago the City Attorney declared the last Project Area Committee (PAC) illegal. The attorney further declared that the meetings held for the past 9 years were illegal too. In short the Brown Act has been infringed again, again, and again. No due notice was given the elections carried on in an illegal manner.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) works hand in hand with the PAC. The SFRA should be accountable and Marcia Rosen brought before the Court of Law. The Rev. Hawkins who with intent carried on the last illegal elections should be brought before the court of law.

The PAC and all those members that are on it have with intent tried to bluff the innocent constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. The initial Survey Area linked to the Bayview has been addressed in a shoddy manner. The Project Area had some $80,000 set aside for conducting a Blight Survey. This money was spent without a proper document.

Recently the PAC got so pompous that they wanted to incorporate the whole Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the Public Housing at Hunters Point to control it as a Survey Area. They further contemplated to declare the area at Blight and take control of it under Eminent Domain.

These scumbags each and every one of them should be brought before the Court of Law. Also, those culprits like Sophie Maxwell who has been helping them on the side. Imagine the City Attorney declaring the past 9 elections as Null and Void. Shame of the PAC.

I have attended many PAC meetings. It is a disgrace to see these buffoons conduct themselves like illiterate fools trying to pursue agenda items that they do not fathom. Idiots like Rev. Hawkins does not even live in the community yet has the audacity to conduct himself and the meetings as if he owns some fiefdom. Stupid.

Not a single meeting in the last 10 years has been conducted on the Hill which is Hunters Points. The PAC started on the Hill and stalwarts like Espanola Jackson, Shirley Jones, Mrs. Westbrook, Oscar and a few other laugh when the PAC purports to be a body all knowing but acting like fools. It is a shame that most of these Negroes discriminate and break the laws that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for all of us.

Rev. Hawkins should resign but I want the City Attorney to reveal to the Public the wrong instructions he took from SFRA and the former Mayor, Willie L. Brown Jr.

At the last PAC meeting there was a fistfight. Imagine in these so called civilized times these fools fight as if they are uncivilized and have not gone to primary school. I have watched them in action during the many meetings and it is unbelievable how they conduct themselves.

The PAC should be dismantled and the committee members handed over for investigation. New elections should be conducted. Those PAC members who do not live in the community should be told to keep away from Bayview Hunters Point. This is a shame.

On an average the Bayview constituents make $15,000 a month. Some of these crooks make a lot of money. Most of them are on the take. They are not there to serve the people but to fill their pockets with money. They have blood on their hands.

Shame of the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee and the SFRA.

Time for the people to confront these crooks at the next meeting and throw them out. Elect fair and honest people to represent the Bayview and Hunters Point. Appoint good people to serve especially our youth.

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