Immigrant workers from neighboring countries especially the countries South of our border have every right to remain and work in this country and California in particular.

History has not been kind to Mexico. If it were not for the many names that remind us of their presence - San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa and the many Spanish buildings, churches like Mission Dolores who have stood tall all through the times - we really would not understand fully the roll of those that were here, come here because without Immigrant Workers our economy cannot function.

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The recent talk to grant temporary-working permits to Immigrant Workers is a joke. Those that make these fake laws forget that their ancestors came here and stole the land from the First People.

If there is one group that should say something it is the First People. The First People welcomed the strangers and the First People welcome the Immigrants. More so those who work hard and pay taxes into the system.

Here is California the famous 18 treaties were never ratified. The land was stolen from the First People. Now, the U.S. government has not had the guts to address the many tribes from California and the injustice meted out to them.

It bluffed the Mexican government into selling California for some little gold, which was stolen in the first place.

It has deprived the immigrants of their rights all through these years. It has used the immigrants to work the fields for little money. Do other menial jobs for little pay, keeping money that has been invested into Social Security and other Federal Agency accounts. And now it wants to throw some breadcrumbs and then kick them and keep them out forever after the term of the visa expires. This is plain wrong.

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