San Francisco has an aging infrastructure when it comes to our aging Power Plants, our roads, our sewage system, drain storms, even our pipes that carry clean drinking water and more.

The San Francisco City Planing is on the take and has been on the take ever since Willie L. Brown Jr. gave extraordinary powers to clowns like Gerald Green, Amit Ghosh, and those in the inner circle who really do not care about San Francisco.

Right now the Rincon Hill Project and the surrounding area is slated as an area where thousands of housing units will be built. Years ago San Franciscans passed a proposition limiting height limit. Not in this case. If fact no housing of this nature should go into this area. In San Francisco we have "conditional use" - which means anything goes.

Recently on the Rincon Hill Project the only one who voted against was Tom Ammiano. He said: " you may have won the battle but you will lose the war". The other 10 Supervisors fell for the bait, head over.

Seismically speaking the area on which thousands of units will stand is the worse area as far as stability is concerned. Recent studies show that there will be a dense cloud of NOx sitting in the area of the proposed buildings. More so when the Cruise Terminal is built.

This factor alone should sound an alarm but not for our Supervisor who never ever do their homework. The so-called "affordable element" is a joke. Only people making over $150,000 a month will be able to participate if ever when the units come on line. I know how developers work and more so developer crooks.

Half the Ministers with their religious collars who were at the last Board of Supervisors meeting never spent a day in any renowned Theological Institute. Crooks who have been bribed bring young people who follow their bad leaders because of some little spare change that has been put by force into their tainted hands. It is paramount that our City leaders look into our infrastructure. We all know that we have to shut down our two old, aging, toxic polluting power plants. Replace, repair, and maintain our transmission lines. Repair our roads. Our drain storm all over the City needs fixing. Our pipes carrying clean water are old and leaking. The same can be said and is a fact of our sewage pipes. The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant in the Bayview sits in a residential area - it should be closed and moved to Nob Hill or Pacific Heights.

Our City's infrastructure has suffered for years and no Mayor in the last 20 years has paid attention to the perilous state of affairs. The General Fund, which was supposed to take care of Hetch Hechy and the vast infrastructure, was never attended to. Year after year money from the General Fund was emptied for other purposes to the neglect of the Hetch Hetchy system.

Today, we have SF Public Utilities Commission under Pat Martel controlling over $3.6 billion dollars. In come the consultants and prime contractors all of whom have connection with the corrupt Willie L. Brown Jr. who brought them in and gave away our City. This happens again, and again, and again. Tutor Saliba, Kurt Mitchell, Olsen and Shimmick, Jim Jefferson, the list goes on and on.

These folks do not live in San Francisco. Over 85% of big contracts go outside San Francisco not because we do not have the ability to deliver within the City - but because Willie Brown saw to it who got the contracts at San Francisco Airport, Mission Bay, Moscone West, Union Square. SBC Park, MUNI Lightrail on 3rd Street may I say more. Helping him Virginia Harmon from the Human Rights Commission.

Let us stop building thousands of homes and units and take care of our Infrastructure. More over we must remember we not only supply clean water to over 2.4 million constituents to the various counties but also treated raw sewage from Colma, Daly City, Brisbane, and Burlingame. Plus the Southeast Treatment Plant, treats over 80% of the raw sewage from the City and County of San Francisco.

On any given day one should go to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant and smell the foul stinking smell for miles around. They say over 120 million gallons of half treated sewage goes into the Bay every day.

The time has come to challenge the developers and keep them away. For too long have they fleeced the poor and stolen the land by greasing the hands of corrupt City officials. Among them SF Redevelopment Agency.

Only the people can bring about the change. We were very close the last time around we had the Mayoral Elections. Now, should put good candidates here, there, and every where and bring about progress and change that benefits the majority.

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