The constituents who live in the Bayview Hunters Point often are reminded when they pass by 3rd and Evan Street of the nearby Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. The stench fills the air for miles around and hits you in the nose depending in which direction the wind blows.

Rich folks who live in the Marina, Nob and Russian Hill, Pacifica, the Presidio of San Francisco mostly do not know what it means to have a stinking nauseating Raw Sewage Plant in their back yard.

They do not know what it feels to have feces and other stinking sewage over flowing in the streets on a rainy day. They really do not feel the pain of those homes that encounter their toilets over flowing on days the City and County of San Francisco experiences very heavy rainfall.

I have been saying for years that it is vital that we replace, repair, and maintain of sewer system. Our sewer system today is falling apart. Millions of gallons spew every where through the cracks in the aging pipes. In some section unbelievable but true made of wood.

Our City sewer system is a dual system which not only takes in the raw sewage from the over 800,000 plus population flushes every day but also the 1 million plus that becomes the population from those visiting and coming to work daily in San Francisco. Added on days we have ball games and very huge conventions.

Every single day over 150 million gallons of treated sewage mostly half treated goes into the Bay by Pier 80. The Force Main which is situated on Illinois Street going at a right angel to Pier 80 is damaged but our City Board of Supervisors and the stupid San Francisco Port Authority see nothing WRONG by building a movable bridge right over the Force Main. If this Force Main Pipe is damaged just imagine all the damage the Force Main will cause. There will be a lake of raw sewage and Pier 80 will be flood by the filth perhaps with raging foul smelling polluted sewage - two feet high. Our Board of Supervisor has no vision and will allow the bridge to be built despite of what I have stated.

The Rincon Project will contribute to the extra sewage going to the aged Phelps Raw Sewage Plant. The thousands of units planned to be built on the Waterfront will all produce raw sewage going to the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant. Chris Daly does not make too much of it. Sophie Maxwell it full of it. The rest of the Supervisors who voted in favor are dumb.

The recent storms of last week flooded a couple of restaurants. Delancy Street suffered over $700,000 of damage from a spill of raw sewage. This is not the first time this has happened and they are situated on the San Francisco WaterFront. There have been other establishments who have suffered from over flowing toilets with feces flowing and polluting their precious assets. Damaged assets that have to be discarded.

The Board of Supervisors who are suppose to represent the people see nothing wrong with this situation. They keep approving projects like the Rincon Hill Project. We can build thousands of units but where will all the sewage go when the system is old and the sewer pipes broken.

We also should ask ourselves that we continue to waste the clean drinking water. Most people in the City use Hetch Hetchy to water their lawns and wash dirty cars. This is crime. Hetch Hetchy belongs to the First People the Miwoks. The land was stolen from them. Man like Muir and Ansel Adams did not like the plan - but the filthy rich crooks from San Francisco bribed Congress and had laws such as the Raiker Act passed in the early 1920.

Hetch Hetchy water should be treated like gold and not wasted. Shame on your folks who cannot get your priorities straight.

The irresponsible San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SF PUC) has fought for a $1.6 billion bond measure to repair, replace, and maintain the aging clean water infrastructure which brings the best water from Hetch Hetchy. They also have another $2 billion from the other counties.

SF PUC chose NOT to attend to the fixing of our sewer system. They will not pay attention to the Cross Town Tunnel Proposition which the constituents of San Francisco passed. This proposition sits on the back burner while the Southeast Sector of our City suffers.

San Francisco takes in millions of raw sewage from Daly City, Colma, Burlingame and Brisbane - besides over 80% of the raw sewage from the City all flows to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. At one time Pat Martel and her inept personnel wanted to build huge 60 feet tanks or digestors along Islais Creek. I mean these folks are so out of their mind you cannot call them pathetic. They have no responsibility and no understanding for Quality of Life issues. They are plain idiotic.

These digestors failed in England yet we wanted them at Islais Creek. Can anyone drill my common sense into the heads of these buffoons.

The recent floods taught the whole City a lesson. Toilets over flowed all over the City. Many rich folk felt with the pain many experience in the Bayview and Hunters Point. One has to experience the pain of destroying precious assets that cost money and which one does not acquire to fall prey to feces and the ineptness of the SF PUC.

The SF PUC has got hundreds of calls. They have been told that innocent constituents have suffered millions of dollars in damage.

It is time the SF PUC pay up the damages. That those in the SF PUC who make huge sums of money in salaries have their pay cut in half. If with intent the present situation has been ignored they should be charged and sent to jail. These scumbags have had it too good for too long and now are the time to bring them to book. They make over $150,000 in salary and benefits. This is a crime.

Imagine if Propostion J is passed and we have no infrastructure in place to take in all the raw sewage of the thousands of inferior housing proposed to be built by those developers who want to make big bucks. None of these developers live in the City but they see nothing making money by selling inferior and smaller units that cannot accommodate a Queen Size bed to innocent people by using false pretenses.

It is time the City and County of San Francisco, the Planning Department, the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor and those who are in charge of the Environmental Impact Studies, Report, and Assessment review our aging infrastructure.

A review has not been done and City Planning is on the take - often taking money from Developers to attend to projects that the Developers want fast tracked. This must stop at once.

Gavin Newsom is all infatuated with his same-sex marrying business, which is not a top priority for the constituents of our City and County of San Francisco. Gavin should attend to the Raw Sewage infrastructure, the roads full of potholes, aging power plants and pollution, educational and health issues facing thousands, no jobs, crime and killings on the increase. He is not doing what he ought to do - he seems to be comfortable issuing same-sex liaison licenses that will in the long run come to haunt him.

Gavin Newsom had thugs he knew help him in the last Mayoral Elections. Some are under investigation. Gavin Newsom knows that Pat Martel the Director of SF PUC cannot deliver - she must go. There are about 50 Managers who inter act with SF PUC who should be told to find jobs some where else where they can bluff people - not in San Francisco.

Again our infrastructure when it comes to clean water, raw sewage, and energy is in shambles. Remember we had a black out at the Mission sub-station - to date we do not have an answer from California Independent System Operators nor from Pacific Gas and Electric who do the real distribution of our electricity.

SF PUC wants to put some combustible turbines or Peakers and this has been a fiasco. SF PUC cannot make up their mind - too many AC/DC types who cannot figure out reality. Our Mayor is posturing - young and foolish as he is - he will fail in the long run.

Time the Board of Supervisors appoints a Citizens Committee to figure out what to do with SF PUC. What SF PUC does now should revert back to the SF Water Department. Qualified Engineers should head the Department not crooks as we have now.

This is a first class City with the worst infrastructure when it comes to our sewage, our electricity, and our clean water pipes, reservoirs, and pumps. If the City continues to do business as we do today - soon this City will be known to the visitors and those who dwell in this great City, which belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone as a cesspool.

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