Sunset by Islais Creek

Thousands of years ago the Ohlone ruled the land what we all call affectionately the - Bay Area. Right here in San Francisco elk and bears and fowl were plenty. Lots of fruits and lots of fish. The living was good and the First People a happy lot.

Often times they would sit on top of the high ground and many a time by the riverbed and watch the sunrise and the sun go down. The picture accompanying this article - may have been one of many memories these kind, innocent, good, and loving people enjoyed.

Islais Creek is one of many creeks that ran wild and fee in the City - now called San Francisco. The area around Islais Creek was all marshland. For miles around there was no hard rock or stable land. Today what we see around Islais Creek is all land fill.

Many people talk about Islais Creek and think it is clean and pristine. Islais Creek, which bears its name from some berries that grew on its banks - is a symbol and now represents the frustration of the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone.

The City and County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission sees NO HARM when they dump raw sewage into Islais Creek - they have NO RESPECT.

The Muwekma Ohlone whose ancestors once cared for all the land - treated the land as they would any child. They nurtured the land and love it and bestowed on it - genuine love. Unfortunately today GREED seems to over power most of our people and they do not have any love nor compassion for Mother Earth and the good that she offers us.

We should all treasure our Earth, the plants and fish, the animals and all living creatures. We should leave our Earth less polluted so that generations after us - care for Mother Earth and leave an imprint worthy of us being called - homo sapiens. The thinking being - the being with intelligence.

Enjoy the photograph by Islais Creek and think what the First People would think if they came today and saw what we all know NOT to be so pure.

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