Espanola Jackson, with whom I have worked on many projects, has decided to run for Supervisor of the 10th District of San Francisco. Espanola Jackson has represented the Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley, and many entities along the Third Street corridor, and all over the City and County of San Francisco helping her grassroots constituency over decades.

Since 1966 she has been fighting for Welfare Rights where she took the stand to unite families. Took a lead to change the Health and Institutions Code, so that fathers could return to families that were receiving aid. She has served on several committees linked to various organizations that serve the City and County of San Francisco. She served on the San Francisco Redevelopment Joint Housing Committee and continues to fight for affordable housing. Espanola Jackson was instrumental in building the Southeast Community Facility, one of the largest San Francisco City College branches. She continues to fight for educational and training opportunities for children and adults in District 10.

Espanola was a member of the San Francisco Jewish Committee and the Conference on Religion, Race, and Social Concerns. She has worked as an outreach worker for seniors. She served on the Model Cities Health and Welfare Task Force and helped form the California Association for Health Education Employment and Dignity.

Espanola and myself have worked for the first people of the Bay Area, the Muwekma Ohlone. She understands this issue very well and she also understands the issues linked to the Presidio of San Francisco. For decades she has participated in many of the important issues facing the City and County of San Francisco and deliberated these issues at City Hall. She has grassroots support and has an independent mind. She applies herself and gets stuff done. We wish her well. There is no doubt she will serve San Franciscans well.