The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) met today Thursday, August 19, 2004 at the San Francisco State Building. There were over 100 items on the agenda but most of us from the Southeast Sector were there to discuss the 230KV Jefferson Martin transmission project.

Right now we have two old toxic spewing, polluting power plants in the Southeast Sector. One is situated closer to Dog Patch and the other by Hunters Point. Each of these plants spews over one and half thousand tons of pollutants consisting of mercury, lead, toxic pathogens, PCBs directly and indirectly into the water, land and air.

Our children are dying. Others are falling prey to chronic diseases.

The contention of the California Independent Systems Operator has been that the two power plants are needed at Peak Times when the energy flow coming from outside San Francisco can no longer meet the demand of the City of San Francisco.

Technical experts say from time to time when a transmission line is down from repairs and cleaning - these two power plants the Mirant and the Hunters Point - are fired up to meet the emergency stand by needs at so called Peak Times.

Bottom line if we have all our transmission lines within the City of San Francisco repaired, maintained, and upgraded - the flow of the energy will be under control. We still have serious problems with the Larkin sub station as was experienced by the black out last year on the eve of Christmas, 2003.

California Independent Systems Operator has yet to give us a detail report on this incident. This incident will reveal one of the many loopholes in the present energy reliability systems that have failed us all.

We also have other serious energy flow problems in certain hot areas where bottlenecks are created within the City and most of them at sub stations. Pacific Gas and Electric has chosen to deceive the Public as it has for years.

History reveals to the Public that whenever PG&E have requested for an increase in rate hikes - it has triggered black outs - this may seem coincidental - but the fact is - it is real. Check it out.

The Jefferson Martin Transmission Line will bring in a smooth flow of energy. We now have a couple of Main Transmission Lines that are not up to par and at certain points - we have very serious bottlenecks. Too much power and very little space needed for the flow of the energy.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has done a lousy job. Ten years ago nay 15 years this inept Federal Regulatory Commission should have come out with a Blue Print on sound Transmission Lines. Newer and better Transmission Lines to meet the demand of future growth. Never happened and this out dated Agency should be dismantled.

A lot of our current problems which were linked with the 2000 Energy Crisis and the loss of billions of revenue for the State of California can be laid on FERC. FERC tolerated the nonsense of companies like ENRON and is making cases held PASSIVE MEETINGS where favors were exchanged.

In California we have the California Independent Systems Operator who acts as the ombudsman and is the only entity that can close down a power plant. The CAISO weighs and sees if the closing of any power plant under its jurisdiction affects the General Energy Reliability of California wholly or partially. Most of the time CAISO will be slow to adjudicate as in the case of the Hunters Point Powerplant which was built in 1927.

Most of Hunter Point power plant is old but parts of this power plant are modern. What is wrong is uses fossil fuel and we should as a policy shun from any plant that uses fossil fuel.

The Mirant power plant once belonged to PG&E and they sold it to Mirant. Mirant in turn declared bankruptcy and the circus like affair is baffling but the energy operators both PG&E and Mirant make money off the back of mostly poor constituents who deal with the pollutant on a daily basis. Both entities declared bankruptcy and reorganized.

PG&E were bailed out $8 billion by the ratepayers. Recently most of the PG&E managers got bonuses. One got over $17 million. This is a joke!

Missing in action to denounce the Energy State of affairs - the political leaders of San Francisco. These vermin have been slow to attend Public Meetings. I noticed this when Public Meetings were held in San Mateo and Burlingame. You had Senators, Civic leaders; Congress persons attend these meetings and speak out.

The District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell often talks in generalities and has never ever attended a single California Public Utilities Meeting. She has never attended a single California Energy Commission meeting. She has never ever attended a single San Francisco Public Utilities meeting at the local level. I have seen her at a single LAFCO meeting. The woman is despicable. Inept, dumb, ignorant and very arrogant.

Today, her aide Greg Assay tried to represent her and preach to the CPUC. Commissioner Geoffrey F. Brown lambasted Greg Assay and told the aide to inform the Supervisor of District 10 that she has much to contribute to the constituents of the Southeast Sector and that she has not been diligent in addressing serious issues linked to the power plants that adversely affect so many of her constituents.

There was applause from the constituents many of who had come to speak under Agenda item 67. I hope Greg Assay carries the message to his clue less boss - Sophie Maxwell.

Later when Jessie Blout the Director of the City and County of San Francisco Economic Development used his time to address the Commissioners in a general way - Commissioner Geoffrey F. Brown stated in very clear terms - his comment on Sophie Maxwell applied to the Mayor of San Francisco and those that worked with him on Energy issues affecting the constituents of San Francisco.

Commissioner Loretta M. Lynch has worked very hard on the Jefferson Martin Transmission Line. She has chosen the best route that this project could use and help the constituents through which the Jefferson Martin Transmission will traverse.

This is a $300 million project and will affect the lives of millions.

Commissioner Loretta M. Lynch thanked Public Advisor Harriet Burt for all her assistance. I too have observed that Ms. Harriet Burt is a hard worker and sincerely works hard for the good of the people of California. The kudos was right on mark.

Commissioner Loretta M. Lynch in her opening statements laid out the route she proposed which incorporated some areas that President Michael R. Peevey had in mind but most of it avoiding and adversely affecting any major segment of the population. In one of two cases she saw that private property owners were left unharmed and their properties left intact.

The National Park Service (NPS) tried to exert its influence but missed the boat. Pompous as the NPS is the NPS failed to submit its comments and now has no recourse but to live with the adjudication laid by the CPUC and especially the fairest Commissioner Loretta M. Lynch.

Various entities - the Sierra Club, San Bruno Moutain Watch - small and big organizations were bold to state their favorite route and did it with great diligence.

The Muwekma Ohlone was represented by Francisco Da Costa.

Many of public speakers had personal stories to relate and the Commissioners were touched by some of the horrendous stories. Most to them adversely affecting their health and lives.

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) and its dire consequences affecting those who live close to Transmission Lines were many. Personal stories seem to convince the Public that those living close to Transmission Lines are adversely impacted and many have been suffering from various illnesses. There is no doubt about this even though the empirical data is slow to catch up with the concrete facts and numbers are many.

In the Southeast Sector many of the constituents especially children suffer from respiratory diseases. Cervical cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, other chronic diseases run the gamut in the Southeast Sector. PG&E know about this and have divided the community by enticing some agents of the community by doling out bribes. Among them some Negro leaders who have sold out their community.

All in all the Jefferson Martin Transmission Line will help shut down the Hunters Point Power Plant. This will not happen tomorrow but it will happen as soon as the Transmission Line has a free hold route in place.

In the progress archeological sites should be preserved. The same should hold true for rare and endangered species.

The current Environmental Impact Report should be amended in some sections linked to the route and pristine areas that have rare plant, insect, and animal life. It is important that human being too are not adversely affected. Mitigation funds set aside to bring about the best conclusions.

The California Public Utilities Commission should be commended for taking a decision in consensus. This does not happen often. As most of the Commissioners stated Commissioner Loretta M. Lynch took a personal interest in this project and did herself and all Californians proud.

Not everyone will be happy. There will always be the naysayers.

Finally, it is critical that the Transmission Lines be buried at least 10 feet below the surface. It is helpful if an encasement could further the emission of the magnetic field. PG&E should further investigate the encasement and find a solution.

The ruling will spell it out soon and some of us who act, as intervenors will get an opportunity to further fine-tune the ruling. This project has been difficult and it has afforded most everyone to give an in put. Missing in action San Francisco and its so-called civic leaders.

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