It is time for the constituents of San Francisco and those of Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley and the Portola District to kick out San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - the sooner the better. The head of this very corrupt agency is Marcia Rosen the devil who carried out the scheme that Willie L. Brown instructed her to pay heed to.

It is a shame when officials and a black Mayor like Willie L. Brown leach on the black community and other minorities to rob them on their homes and decency.

Willie thinks he is slick but not slick enough to fool all the people all the time.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has a plan to tear down homes some come under Public Housing and others on private land to build market value homes and drive the poor out of Bayview Hunters Point. Willie L. Brown is behind this devious scheme and his followers are his thug cronies who will have to face the wrath of the people very soon.

If Matt Gonzalez were elected these thugs would have fled San Francisco. So would the many special interests that Willie L. Brown imported from Sacramento and Oakland. We can name the names but that would do no good. Some of them thugs live in the neighborhood and have stabbed their sisters and brothers in the back.

The $600 million dollar MUNI Lightrail project should have helped the community but vipers like Sophie Maxwell and her follow thugs connived to deceive the people and pocket the money. The Allen Group has made money and so have the former Director of Young Community Developers.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has fired Willie Kennedy the $150,000 paid so-called Out Reach Mama. This is very good news she harbored the House Negroes thinking she could divide and rule the community that has been good to her. Now she has to watch her fat ass. The consultants such as one named Goggin are out on a limb. Others will follow soon because SF Redevelopment Agency will not get the funding they enjoyed when Willie L. Brown used it to help Mission Bay and Catellus Corporation and other crooked ventures at the San Francisco Airport and even the founder of Gap, Donald Fisher. Time to call in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Lennar BVHP LLC should have worked with the community and much good would have come out of it. Roy Willis knew better but he thought the slick Willie L. Brown Jr. would deliver. He did not and will not. Today the people are pissed off and Lennar will face the wrath of the people.

Lennar has given money to a Community Based Organization that does not help the community. The Window Project is a farce and in all the time it has been there not one single community person has visited it. They never visited it when it was located between Quesada and Revere and they will not visit it now - where drugs addicts and prostitutes ply their trade. No decent person will visit that block much more our youth.

SF Redevelopment Agency better stop their expansion on the Project Area they have in mind. They have not done justice to the first Project Area that has been in the making. We have yet to see a full report on the Blighted Areas and we have yet to see an Environmental Impact Report.

Willie L. Brown used Proposition B funds gathered from the Sales Tax and fronted the San Francisco County Transportation Authority to be the lead agency to fund MUNI Lightrail. Once the rail is in place the property values around 3rd Street will double. The poor will have to move. They will not have anywhere to go - most of them are black and most of them will die.

Right now there is a glaring statistic that the world does not know. Even though black women make up only 6 percent of the population over 45 percent of them have AIDS. Think about that. Most of them live in San Francisco. Now, pause for a moment and think how many black men have AIDS? Now pause for a moment and ask yourselves how many women and men do you know who have AIDS? How many of them have died. I will tell you frankly that I know many. Imagine all these people and more living on the streets of San Francisco. Others like alcoholics.

Willie L. Brown and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency could have helped the community. They chose to run down the community and Public Housing. Go count all the board up homes up on Hunters Point. These crook have a nasty plan they want to drive the people away and bulldoze the buildings that are now standing where Public Housing housed the innocent and the poor.

When crooks are determined to drive and kill innocent people we have to do something. Most of us talk the talk but we do not walk the walk. Hunters Point is suffering because we do not have tenant organizations which work and which are united. Again and again in fighting encouraged by the crooks help SF Redevelopment, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the SF Housing Authority (SFHA) adversely impact the poor and the innocent who live in Public Housing.

Guys you remember the days when some of Public Housing did not have to pay for Electricity? Hetch Hetchy gave this power to the poor people according to some formula that was set aside a long time ago. Then came Willie L. Brown and in 1996 he had Pacific Gas and Electric provide the power and charge. Over the year PG&E has made millions. Now is the time to ask for that money back with interest. Check out the facts and if it true you can all sue PG&E and Willie L. Brown who fleeced the innocent and the poor.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is out to kill the poor and the innocent by kicking them out of Public Housing. Of course this time a few of us like Lynne Brown, Maurice Campbell, Andrew Bozeman, John Nauer, Sam Ripley, Rodney Hampton, Claude Carpenter and others have taken on the crooks. We need your support to kick SFRA out of San Francisco once and for all. The sooner we do this the better.

I know for sure if Matt Gonzalez was elected it would be very easy for all of us to have done what I have stated above. We have the facts and we have the law on our side. What we did not have was the political backing. With Gavin Newsom the White Boy with a silver spoon in his mouth who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk - we will have to see how best this Rich White Boy with his well kept hairdo will do us in or what?

Let us be vigilant but let us do all in our power to kick out the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Peace.

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