Innocent Children of Iraq.


If the United States goes to war millions of innocent children will die in Iraq. The blood of these innocent children will be on our hands. There is absolutely no doubt that millions of civilians will die.

The Bay Area has held a number of protests and at each protest thousands have spoken loud and clear - we do not want war.

We know all along that Dick and George have their eyes on oil. It is wrong to kill millions so that some greedy and evil people can control oil and make millions. This is plain wrong.

The world knows that Sadam is not a good man. Many in the United States do not want him to rule Iraq. There are many ways to rid this man. It is not right to kill millions when our Nation has not been attacked. Any preemptive strike on our part will be wrong and what is more immoral.

Our Nation's leaders do not want to listen to the United Nations. Our leaders do not want to listen to world opinion. We can start this war but we will not be able to end it for years to come. Our Nation will pay a heavy toll because greed and animosity led some of our leaders on the wrong path. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way!

It is wrong to put our service women and men in harms way. Last time around thousands of service men and women came back with some mysterious illness - after years they called it the Desert Storm Syndrome.

It took years to bring help to our service men and women. I hope this time around we keep in mind those who are put in harms way - our beloved women and men from the Services.

This Nation has stood for compassion but this time around some warmongers are not listening to the soul of the Nation. If we go to war it will be the biggest mistake this Nation has made. This war will be very short but millions will die if it ever happens. It is right that each one of use everything in our power to stop this war. This war is not just. This war is more about oil.

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