Koa and Francisco.


The Presidio of San Francisco afforded me the opportunity to help many artists among them Shane Eagleton. Shane Eagleton has a son and his son is named after the famous Hawaiian tree - Koa.

I have known Koa for a long time. He lived in England for a long time but now makes his home with his father Shane Eagleton on the big island Oahu.

I spent a week in Waikiki and Shane and Koa chose to come and spend some quality time on one of those days with me. It was fun talking to Koa. He has grown up and finished school in England. He is an environmentalist much like his father but he sees much good in being a nutritionist. He loves YOGA and music.

It is fun talking to some one young but much more Koa who is willing to share his novice thoughts with an old fart such as I call myself sportingly. We were talking about many issues and some of the issues concerned the projects I deal with in San Francisco. It was fun listening to Koa and giving me much inspiration much as I get when I listen to the youth in San Francisco.

Shane has chosen to work with the government of Hawaii and save fallen trees. Much before Shane came on the scene on the big island of Oahu much of the fallen trees went to landfill. Today, Shane has managed to save many trees including the Koa which is a great tree and much greater its fine grain as a finished product.

A finished Koa product very closely resembles the Mahogany. The famous Hawaiian canoes that traversed the waters between the islands were made of Koa. So were the precious wooden symbols in the days of the Royal Kings and Queens of Hawaii.

No one really knows what the word Hawaii truly means. What most agree comes very close to Breath and Life. This name was given to the islands a long, long time ago when those who came saw the fire and volcanoes and gave the name in full respect with an awe, breath and divine respect.

Shane and Koa live in a place far away from commercial Waikiki where nature abounds. Nature gives both these souls a sense of what pristine nature should offer. They have seen pollution in many places all over the world and work together to make this world a better place.

Shane loves to carve and Koa loves to carve too. Carving in itself is the best therapy. In San Francisco I would try to carve whenever I found some time. Shane has carved huge totem poles some 4 feet broad and 40 feet long. Many of Shane carving are found all over the world.

Here is San Francisco I made it possible for Shane to carve beautiful wooden symbols and offer them of the Secretary of the United Nation Koffi Anan and also send one to Nelson Mandala. We gave wooden prints to the Buffalo Soldiers and every year the Bioneers are honored with mementos that Shane Eagleton creates.

I hope Koa does what is best, fine tune with nature and offer this Earth the best he can. If there something I can offer to Koa, whatever he does let there be some accountability and transparency to the community and the world.

It is very important that we be good environmentalists. It is very good to be a sound nutritionist. Most importantly we have to work for the good of the community and keep this Earth in a better shape for our children.

Koa and Shane try - much as I try in San Francisco. It was nice to meet and break bread with Shane and Koa. Mahalo.

Shane and Francisco.