There was a time when there was some semblance in the Bayview and around Hunters Point. Today there is utter chaos. City Hall does not give a damn and more so the District 10 Supervisor who cannot think straight. Drunks, bums, and drug peddlers roam the streets on 3rd Street and in some areas stealing, robbing, and intimidating is taken as part of every day life. Gates and barriers on homes tell everyone we are trying to keep you out expect those who we invite into our homes by personally exhorting you in, yet watching for your back. Some areas in the Bayview are a War Zone.

Once the Bayview Hunters Point was safe and families loved one another. There were tailor shops and barbershops - theater and all kinds of shops that satisfied the residents. The Bayview was thriving with Italians, Maltese, African Americans and Chinese.

The paradox is that the old families have left and more so in the last 8 years or so thanks to the thugs at City Hall who do not care to protect those citizens who pay taxes and follow the law.

Some people remember the days when the boats went out and brought in shrimps and herrings. Many remember the famous Butchers who were plenty. Other the candy factories. Still others the factories that still make bread and cured meats like salami. There were and still are foundries and cabinet shops which are one of a kind. Once these industries were owned by local residents - no more.

There were restaurants in keeping with the food offered by Mozells and Jesse near Revere - today all you see are once thriving restaurants boarded up. Blight all over the place and the Redevelopment Agency doing nothing but prolonging projects so that those hired within the Agency can make money.

Once there was prosperity and the constituents of Bayview and Hunters Point lived well. The Hunters Point Shipyard provided good jobs. Many worked for the City and County of San Francisco too. Mayor Joseph Alioto saw that those who were educated got a job.

In the last 10 years things in the Bayview and Hunters Point have gone from bad to worse. Matters have gone to the dogs since Mayor Willie Brown too commands and worse still since the District 10 Supervisor with her ignorant and arrogant attitude pays lip service to the concerns of the constituents who live in District 10 and all over the City and County of San Francisco.

I have watched this woman closely and those Crooks who surround her. I watch her closely at the Board of Supervisors. We all remember the time she wanted to be President of the Board of Supervisors. We all can recall the six times she tried to get the position - only to be voted out. Today this Supervisor from District 10 does not Chair one single committee and this is a fact.

The recent article in the Chronicle by Vanessa Hua clearly states the sad state of affairs in District 10 and more so in and around the area of 3rd Street. Streets have been torn open with filth and dust flying all over the place. Businesses are suffering and the District 10 Supervisor does not give a damn.

Most of the contractors working on MUNI 3rd Street Rail openly defy the Public. They do so because they make huge contributions to the Mayor and feel that they can do as they please. Since very few vote in the area of concern, which is District 10, the Mayor does not pay attention. Since still fewer of the voters contribute to the coffers of the Mayor he and his cronies do not give a damn.

It is not uncommon for thugs and crooks to get jobs and contracts with connections from City Hall. Some of these crooks with jail records to District 10 have made it to the local and national newspapers. Once has just to follow the contracts at the San Francisco Airport. Review the progress of MUNI Light Rail which is an over $556 million contract. Follow the bidding process and the contracts being drawn up by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on the billion dollar bids that will hit the street very soon.

The Bayview is the last frontier. Crooks at City Hall conniving with heads of some City Departments are making hay while the sunshines.

San Francisco PUC under the Pat Martel and Ed Smernoff want to put most everything in place yesterday without taking the issues to the Public. If you approach Pat Martel she will tell you take your issues to Sophie Maxwell. You might as well talk to the wall!

Pat Martel was once on the verge of putting some 6 digestors on Islais Creek and we stopped that. Thousands of new homes at built in Colma, Daly City, Burlingame and Brisbane - all the raw sewage from these areas come to the Bayview Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. So does all the sewage from the over 20,000 residents plus who will live in Mission Bay. The District Supervisor knows this but does not give a damn.

I for one detest having District Supervisors and the reason being, and a good example is Sophie Maxwell. An Electrician tries her best to legislate and bring about change when she does not have the experience. I once had a talk with her not long ago at City Hall and told her people about people who have vested interests surround her. She told me she does not know whom to trust. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. I will tell you, Sophie Maxwell is NOT a leader she is a follower and has caused irreparable damage to District 10 and to the City and County of San Francisco.

The people on the Street despise her and the reason being Sophie thinks she knows everything and this smacks of being arrogant which she is, also ignorant and dumb.

Up on the Hill, which is Hunters Point there, plans set a foot to demolish all the housing and build Market Price Housing. This policy fits in perfectly with Sophie Maxwell - the idea that just like that poor people can become Middle Class over night. I have heard her make this statement again and again. Little does she know that San Francisco opened its arms to her mother Enola and her family. That San Francisco offered them Public Housing and other amenities. That San Francisco accepted her family and gave generously. It does not mean that Enola Maxwell did not work hard and did not give generously. She did but she did it in San Francisco with free spirited San Franciscans playing their role.

I am a Citizen of the Untied States of America. I vote and have been voting for decades. I have traveled all over the world. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and served 3 Generals at the Presidio of San Francisco. I have been President of many organizations, serve and have served as a Board Member - I work with people and have accomplished more in District 10 then has this dumb, ignorant, arrogant Supervisor.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco. The Muwekma were here much before anyone. Once all that we see now was pristine. No more. In the 1930s there was NOT one single African American living in the Bayview or Hunters Point. I am making this statement so that those individuals who are African American and think they own the Bayview and Hunters Point -think twice.

At the Board of Supervisor meetings Sophie Maxwell's voting record has been against the people and for the developers and those who do not have the interests of the people at large. Some times if you watch her deliberating one wonders what she is saying. She seems to be in lala land or on the Planet Zubee Zubee!

In the past 4 years the killings and crime in the Bayview has sky rocketed. Police brutality is on the increase. Sophie Maxwell some months ago took it upon herself to invite the Department of Traffic to ticket people in District 10. Many seniors living in the neighborhood that did not ever get tickets with ticketed. Some of them paying $300 to $400 for parking in their neighborhood. Now, most of these Seniors live on fixed income.

At a Public meeting Sophie first denied that she invited the Department of Parking into the District 10 area. And then she contradicted herself and said she did. I remember well she accused Espanola Jackson at one of Supervisorial Candidate meetings before she became the Supervisor of taking money from MUNI when MUNI Light Rail had not even started.

Now, that she feels the shaft when one says anything against her - she thinks she is some African Queen but fails to understand that her roots are mainly in the Haight Ashbury Area and not any where near Bayview and Hunters Point. As a matter of fact she just moved into the neighborhood some 10 years ago. I have lived here for over 30 years.

Stupid politics has divided what once is District 10. Sophie Maxwell has never done anything for the Portola District, which now falls under District 11 but was District 10 for a long, long time.

Today the Portola Area and San Bruno Avenue get the riff raff from some areas many of them marauding from Sophie Maxwell's jurisdiction. They come on San Bruno to have breakfast, to shop, to meet and to pray. Many of the residents of District 10 use San Bruno Avenue and the Portola Distict as a SAFE HAVEN. I want to remind Sophie Maxwell about that.

I said riff raff referring to those who choose to steal and harm innocent constituent who make San Bruno in the Potola District their home and place of work. I have tons of documentation to prove what I am saying.

The last frontier, which is District 10 with which I have been connected for over 30 years much before Sophie Maxwell knew about it, has gone from bad to worse. Under Sophie Maxwell today the residents have the worst conditions and it is only her ouster that will bring some sanity to the killings, the crimes, and the health and safety issues that plague the community.

I challenge Sophie Maxwell to debate me on issues any day, any time. I will take on the dumb Supervisor who has tarnished the good name of the neighborhood and many innocent constituents.

When our kids were assaulted on Dr. Martin Luther King's holidays she Sophie did not lift a finger to help them. I did. When the Crime Conference was held some years ago - Sophie did not want to participate and at the conference she was belittled because she did not care.

Sophie Maxwell has been closer to the folks on Potrero Hill then the folk around Hunters Point proper. Why? She thinks she is Middle Class but grew up in the Projects. To date she has done nothing much for the poor. I have yet to see her walk along 3rd Street and talk to the folks. She will see for herself the bums and the drunks. The gated doors and windows to keep the thieves at bay. She will see the drug peddling and may be offered some by the bold drug pushers. Youth hanging around at corners with nothing to do. Prostitution galore. Youth have nothing to do this summer and she will blame it on the recent cuts. Now what happened to Bayview and Hunters Point when the yuppies reigned supreme?

The people in the Bayview have had it and the time has come for Sophie Maxwell to step down.

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