The lame duck Mayor of San Francisco Willie L. Brown Jr. was ushered in by his cronies to defend the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) December 2, 2003 at City Hall in room 416 before the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) Commissioners all appointed by the corrupt lame duck Mayor.

The Mayor chided those listening to him that most San Franciscans were too involved with the process and that the DDA should move forward. He was NOT bold to state that he is involved with Lennar the developer and has a personal vested interests in the many developments Lennar has all over California. Let us call in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

All of the Mayor cronies who turned out were mostly house Negroes who cannot think for themselves. Willie Brown has done nothing for the Blacks at Hunters Point. His statement that anyone who cannot earn $100,000 in San Francisco has no right to live here - speaks for itself. Black in Bayview Hunters Point have no respect for the black Willie Brown much less for his cronies.

Willie Brown was a poor Negro who came here from Texas. The City of San Francisco gave him all he wanted and more. Congressman Philip Burton helped him and so did many San Franciscans. Today, Willie has made his money, power has gone to his head, and he has forgotten the hospitality, he continues to bite the hand that fed him. The sooner he leaves our city the better - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Process, is the corner stone of any well-developed project. Process brings Accountability and Transparency. Willie Brown was heavily involved with Mission Bay and Cattelus and there was no accountability, the San Francisco Airport had billions of dollars in projects going to corrupt developers. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been involved in elements linked to Hunters Point with connections to Lennar BVHP LLC.

Process and honest leadership is what is lacking in the City and County of San Francisco. Mayor Willie Brown is corrupt because he does not believe in Accountability and Transparency. He believes in dishonesty and lack of transparency. He believes in special interests, bribes, and corruption. This Napoleonic dictator epitomizes corruption.

The SFRA commissioners are all hand picked and appointed by Willie Brown. All of them take their ordersfrom him. Many of the commissioner are being investigated by the FBI and the City and County of San Francisco - Ethics Commission. There is this gray cloud hanging over the SFRA, which has a very poor record in this city.

It is my humble opinion and that of many educated and experienced people that SFRA should be dismantled and sent packing away to oblivion.

Many still remember how thousands of African Americans, Japanese, others were removed from the Fillmore by SFRA. Still others remember the false promises made by SFRA. The Redevelopment Agency has never helped San Franciscans - it has helped developers such as Don Fisher of the Gap. The SFRA has given Lennar over $13 million and acts as a conduit to help those corrupt entities that are aligned with the SF Redevelopment Agency.

The present director of the SFRA Marcia Rosen is corrupt and I look forward to the January 8, 2004 when she will be no more. Also some other crooks who work for the SFRA and have made their home there in the last 6 months.

Any sensible person will tell you that the DDA is a document that should be reviewed and applied in a sensible and rational manner. It is after all a legal document. The SFRA and Lennar chose to hold as many as 40 sub committee meetings in a month to fast track the Hunters Point DDA. This is a shame and the height of corruption of the legacy that the lame duck Mayor Willie L. Brown leaves behind.

Over 70 people submitted their speaker cards to speak on issue 4 e and f on the agenda. It took the SFRA by suprise that hundreds were present and could not witness the proceeding because of the lack of room and the manner security and sitting arrangements were made.

One could hear loud shouts " WE WANT IN " as hundreds crowded the hallways trying to enter room 416. The SFRA Commissioners had a look on their faces as if at any moment the crowd would lynch them - extra security was called and some of the thugs with affiliation to the Willie Brown machinery were lending a false sense of security to the Willie cronies.

One woman protester was held and led away for stating in her demoractic right that the SFRA were not doing their duty and keeping the public hanging in the hallway when there was room where the deliberations were taking place.

Speaker after speaker told the SFRA commissioners what they never expected to hear - they spoke about corruption and how money was spread around by the corrupt. The whole process they stated was leading in the wrong direction.

Maurice Campbell who held a Press Conference before the meeting stated that the matter at hand would be taken to court for adjudication.

Lisa Laulu and Sam Ripley from the Samoan community stated to the SFRA commissioner how the Samoan community was left out of the DDA deliberations. Thousands of constituents from zip codes 94107, 94134, and 94124 do not have any idea about the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A and Hunters Point.

The Hunters Point Citizens Advisory Committee was forced by forces close to the Mayor to hold over 40 sub committee meetings in a month. This is ridiculous and speaks volumes about the prevailing corruption.

A couple of Public Meetings held on Saturdays by Lennar had very few people from the Public attending. And even those attending could not follow the technical language used by the participants.

Hunters Point once belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone who are the First People of the San Francisco. Two hills containing Sacred Burial Grounds were razed to the ground. Later over 150 families living around Hunters Point were driven away when the Navy acquired the land during the war effort. Eminent Domain was used as a tool to acquire the property.

Hunters Point is Federal Land that belongs to the people. The City and County of San Francisco have first to see that the land is abated and cleaned up from radiological and other toxic elements. Secondly, those who live at Hunters Point and the surrounding area meet Quality of Standards. Thirdly that the community participates in all the deliberations and shares in the benefits at all levels.

We do not want to see the deals made with the Faith groups, all of which sold their souls to Willie Brown for money. We do not want outside contractors doing the work, local honest contractors can do. We do not want those who live far away from the Southeast Sector come and tell us what to do.

Finally, the Willie Brown House Negroes who are in the minority have NO business to dictate terms to the majority. Just because Willie Brown is black and has connection with thugs does not mean he can do as he pleases.

We have Samoans, Asians, Whites, and a few Blacks still living in and around Hunters Point. 5 years from now there will be less then 5% Blacks living in the Southeast Sector. Decades of poverty, drugs, shootings, and the epidemic of HIV, respiratory diseases, and cancer are killing the Black Community thanks to Willie Brown and his corrupt administration.

An African Market has been planned for the declining population of Blacks. What is important is to raise the standard of the Blacks and build homes for low-income people. Homes that can accommodate a King Size bed and can accommodate a family or 4 or 5. Health and Food programs to revitalize those who have suffered for years. Education and sound information to know the difference.

If what I stated above were in place - Willie Brown would not be elected to serve a second term. However many listened to him and his false promises only to realize his is a chronic liar. Good education and sound information is the only tool to keep crooks away - the likes of Willie Brown and Sophie Maxwell.

Right now what are planned are market value homes for the rich and filthy at Hunters Point on Parcel A. Willie Brown and his cronies are NOT there to serve those who need help. After all Willie Brown has stated that no one making less then $100, 000 should live in San Francisco. Go figure!

I left the meeting early after listening to about 25 speakers. I would bet the SFRA commissioner approved the DDA. We will see the rascals in court.

Hunters Point belongs to all the people and not some cronies of a corrupt lame duck mayor who is on his way out. Thank God.

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