Muni Light Rail is a snake with many heads meandering through the Southeast Sector killing so many people with its venom.

MUNI has NOT done justice to the people who will be affected by the construction of this project that does not have the blessing of the constituents of the Southeast Sector. MUNI has had a couple of meetings at the Southeast Community Facilities - made some far-fetched promises but NOT kept them.

The Mayor's cronies have got a few jobs. These jobs will go away once the project goes away. One Public Relation position given to the Muslims of the community does more injustice than justice. At the last meeting this so called Public Relations person was expounding to the Public that she understood the serious environmental issues affecting the community - in fact she knew absolutely nothing.

MUNI Light Rail, which will involve major excavation along the 3rd Street corridor and in the process, unearths a lot of toxins. Right now many of these toxins have been left exposed without proper cover and asbestos and other harmful dust is causing untold damage to the Public at large. MUNI knows about this but does not have a hazardous material plan in place to address the on going issues.

Catellus Corporation and other construction companies have piled huge mountains of toxic dirt by PacBell Park. These huge piles of dirt contain asbestos, which the wind blows - and can spread over a 5-mile area on a windy day.

MUNI contributes to this problem because MUNI too has been piling dirt-containing toxins and MUNI does not want to dispose of the toxins. What MUNI wants to do as does Catellus is bury the dirt with the toxins in the earth. This is wrong.

MUNI Light Rail has been touted as a project that will bring progress to the Southeast Sector. Far from it - it will destroy the businesses that now operate on 3rd Street.

While this MUNI project goes on it will prevent customers from doing business with the businesses on 3rd Street. Business after business mostly owned by minorities will close down. We will have a MUNI Light Rail that plies on 3rd Street. MUNI will be taking people from one end of the Southeast Sector to the Ferry Building and beyond - this traffic will NOT contribute to the businesses on 3rd Street - it will be strictly transportation. If the safety of the commuters cannot be guaranteed - there will be NO commuters.

MUNI Light Rail sole purpose is for some construction companies to make money. Light Rail trains are so expensive that in this day and time it is scandalous for any decent government local, state, or national to spend so much money. The right thing to do is buy some electric buses and ply them on 3rd Street. These electric buses are economical and will help the environment.

Missing from the MUNI Light Rail debate are environmental concerns. We have Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, which is very near 3rd Street and contributes to environmental mishaps. The huge fire some years ago and the burning methane gas underground in some sectors of the Shipyard have not been addressed. The Shipyard has not been cleaned and the City and County of San Francisco are trying to address the cleanup in a piece meal fashion. The Shipyard should be cleaned in toto.

The Southeast Sewage Treatment Plant causes such a stink that it is an environmental hazard. MUNI Light Rail will pass and expose thousands to this stench daily. Eight percent of all the City's raw sewage goes to the Southeast Sewage Treatment Plant. Also, all the raw sewage from Daly City, Brisbane, Burlingame, and some other areas that the City and County does not want to divulge.

All of the secondary effluents are pumped through the out fall sewer pipe by Islais Creek. This sewer pipe was damaged as a result of the MUNI Light Rail project. Conduits were been drilled under this sewer pipe which resulted in damaging this sewer pipe. If this sewer pipe breaks there will be a mess around Islias Creek. The Mayor, the Board of Supervisors is not full cognizant about these issues - but if this already weakened sewer pipe breaks - there will be a huge disaster. The result all the secondary effluents over 80 million gallons of secondary will be dumped into Islais Creek.

The proposed Illinois Movable Bridge arose to accommodate MUNI Light Rail. Since MUNI will occupy one lane if not two on each side of the 3rd Street corridor - it has been proposed to divert all the diesel truck traffic along Illinois Street. The pollution will kill any life that now generates at the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary. It will adversely affect any residents (who are human beings) who live and work in the vicinity.

MUNI Light Rail wants to dig up toxins along 3rd Street and put it right back into the ground. The right way is to dig the dirt - if it contains toxins remove it and dispose of it. No short cuts. It is precisely because of such procedures and the people do not trust MUNI. The constituents did not want to build MUNI Light Rail along Geary Boulevard because they did not trust MUNI.

These CROOKS who will make millions constructing MUNI Light Rail - do not care about the constituents who live on 3rd Street between King and Bayshore. They do not give a damn if the constituents are exposed to toxins - their bottom line is to make money at any cost.

It is a shame that thousands of young children are dying from asthma. Others fall prey to breast and cervical cancer. Many others to other chronic lung diseases. MUNI Light Rail will add to the woes of the constituents of the Southeast Sector and the people who live along the 3rd Street corridor in particular.

I have addressed my concerns to Michael Burns and Vince Harris that head MUNI. The Mayor Willie Brown, Dennis Tsai, the Board of Supervisors, even the City Administrator Bill Lee who the Mayor controls by taking away many of his former powers - have been informed of the facts. MUNI should set aside mitigation dollars to help the infants and the children. Failure to do so - MUNI Light Rail project should stop in its tracks.

Time to sue MUNI right now before more damage is done. MUNI is reported to say that it will not dispose the contaminated dirt containing toxins like asbestos - MUNI is of the opinion that is will just bury the toxins without following the procedures - mandated by OSHA, EPA, and other mandated rules and procedures that guarantee the health and safety of the constituents. MUNI after being told - challenges the PUBLIC and wants to put them in harm way.

MUNI Light Rail is a project riddled with corruption. Just like the San Francisco Airport was riddled with huge cost over runs and millions stolen by crooks on the back of the constituents and the tax payer. MUNI Light Rail - 3rd Street project has just begun and right from it inception - contractors openly defy the injustice meted out to qualified minority contractors.

At the last MUNI Light Rail meeting held at the Southeast Community Facility there were so many MUNI employees and contractors who felt ashamed when they heard what the community had to say. Most of these MUNI employees do not live in San Francisco. It is a shame that MUNI will again and again favor these "dog and pony shows". So many contractors and employees gathered in one place - which did nothing but hear the PUBLIC tell them that they are doing a poor job. MUNI cannot fool all the people all the time.

It is high time that MUNI addresses the genuine concerns of the people of the Southeast sector. MUNI Light Rail is like a snake with many heads meandering down 3rd Street and causing so much damage. Most of all adversely impacting and harming the health of so many innocent people. MUNI should stop the GENTRFICATION - right now.

After the last public meeting for the first time Mitchell Construction started watering the roads and keeping the dust and dirt localized. I suppose when MUNI was told to stop the work - Mitchell Construction had no other alternative but to follow what the community members stated again and again.

Mitchell Construction has been breaking all OHSA standards and that of the EPA too. Recently the asbestos level in the air reached over 40 times the normal level. Thousands of innocent people have been exposed to the asbestos without ever knowing that they were put at harms way.

MUNI Light Rail has Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and Pacific Bell involved in moving their infrastructure to the side of road. Pacific Bell and PG&E started doing their moving and digging months ago and have been digging up toxic dirt and putting it back. The right thing to do is remove and dispose of the toxic dirt once and for all.

In the interim people cannot park and many seniors and disabled cannot cross the roads. There is dust everywhere and no one cares. In areas where once there were side roads and paths that were well paved - right now it looks like a war zone. It is not uncommon for these entities to dig up an area several times and put the citizens into harms way.

As if to send a message to the constituents of the 3rd Street - you have several San Francisco Police Department personnel on over time duty. These SFPD would better serve the populace by stopping crime and not wasting their time on 3rd Street.

MUNI should establish a WatchDog Committee of citizens from the community who are experts to advice them on many of the matters that were brought to their notice at the last community meeting at the Southeast Community Facility Center.

MUNI Light Rail will come to haunt the City and County of San Francisco - if the concerns of the community are NOT paid attention to. The sooner the better.

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