There is no doubt in the mind and that of thousands of decent and educated voters that Matt Gonzalez won the real votes that matter to any City that values decency and genuine democracy. His affiliation to the Green Party was not the critical factor in their decision.

If machinations are the norm of many will stoop and swim in the cesspool of deceit to prop candidates to win the winner can take his prize and keep it for now. Democracy as is really understood will stand to loose in the short and long run if such actions are given free reign.

I was there at the Matt Gonzalez celebration and it was great meeting so many friends who worked so very hard so that we could make a difference to topple the legacy of the corrupt Willie L. Brown administration. Willie will be gone but unfortunately he will leave a stench that will bear his scent - touched by past appointments and affairs bordering on caramel adultery.

Bottom line youth and those in their prime years, detest the present lethargic Democratic Party. We have fake personalities as representatives who are as fake as the two-inch make up they wear holding positions as Senators and Congressperson and whatever.

In this race for mayor we went door to door and met many who were looking for a change. We also saw in action some polling poles where every imaginable polling law was broken. Double Rock in Hunters Point make have led all polling stations in San Francisco when it came to mismanagement and dishonesty. Newsom and his thug affiliation ruled this polling station. Also by the Matt office on 3rd Street where Newsom supporters tore Matt posters and intimidated decent constituents.

The police came and they saw but turned a blind eye to the unlawful situation at hand. Let us all bear this in mind as we monitor Law Enforcement.

Democrats have done great injustice to the City and County of San Francisco. Our present leaders in the Democratic Party who have jurisdiction over San Francisco and the Bay Area have been disappointing in their performance.

San Francisco will perform well the next time and make sure we have the best candidates running for any office of importance. We will also build real bridges among all communities and work hard to serve those communities who have and are suffering.

In the interim we will be a force to reckon with. In this election on many levels we have made a big difference and we will NOT permit the corrupt machinations of Willie L. Brown to linger.

For the sake of the City and County of San Francisco we will cooperate with Gavin Newsom but make sure we tell him that we are a force to be reckoned with. We have seen the likes of him rise and we have also seen the likes of him fall.

This Mayoral Race was a very close one 52.6 for Newsom and 47.4 for Gonzalez. If any one looks at the absentee votes, which favored Newsom and contributed to the machination of this election - Matt Gonzalez wins stands down. Newsom knows that and so do his supporters and it is very important that they remember this for the rest of Newsom term in office.

Considering that the Green Party has only 3 percent of registered voters in the City of San Francisco - the constituents showed their true genuine support in the 47.4 percent showing of support for Matt Gonzalez.

We the thousands who wanted a change and who stood for honesty will demand it. If we do not get it we will do what it takes to make that flag of honesty and high standards fly high. Towards this end we have shown the world that thousands will cross party lines to support a worthy candidate like Matt Gonzalez.

We the people will be there ever watchful of the current and future events that impact the constituents of San Francisco. We will also bear in mind the past history and the performance of those who supported the corrupt machinery that is dwindling slowly.

Kudos to the thousands who stood for what is right. I pay my respect to my Samoan friends who contributed very much to this election and stood for what is right. They are respected all over the city of San Francisco.

At the appropriate time I will make a statement at City Hall. It will surprise many but that is nothing new.

  CCSF City Seal City and County of San Francisco
Municipal Run-Off Election - Neighborhood Statistics
December 9, 2003
                            MUNICIPAL RUN-OFF ELECTION
RUN DATE:12/09/03 09:40 PM  DECEMBER 9, 2003
                                 TOTAL                                   TOTAL
   01 = VOTERS                 466,127     03 = TURNOUT PERCENT          48.60
   02 = BALLOTS CAST           226,523
                                         01      02      03
      BAYVIEW/HUNTERS POINT           19358    5668   29.28
      CHINATOWN                       18870    8646   45.82
      CIVIC CENTER/DOWNTOWN           26435   10831   40.97
      DIAMOND HEIGHTS                  7095    4243   59.80
      EXCELSIOR (OUTER MISSION)       29610   12949   43.73
      HAIGHT ASHBURY                  15234    8187   53.74
      INGLESIDE                       11359    4483   39.47
      INNER SUNSET                     9803    5125   52.28
      LAKE MERCED                      8021    3629   45.24
      LAUREL HEIGHTS/ANZAVISTA        10416    5032   48.31
      MARINA/PACIFIC HEIGHTS          39009   19596   50.23
      MISSION                         30398   15484   50.94
      NOE VALLEY                      16524    9855   59.64
      NORTH BERNAL HEIGHTS             8724    4901   56.18
      NORTH EMBARCADERO                5954    3079   51.71
      POTRERO HILL                     8896    4401   49.47
      RICHMOND                        34985   16996   48.58
      SEA CLIFF/PRESIDIO HEIGHTS       8591    4798   55.85
      SOUTH BERNAL HEIGHTS             9292    4890   52.63
      SOUTH OF MARKET                 14324    5523   38.56
      SUNSET                          39268   19333   49.23
      UPPER MARKET/EUREKA VALLEY      18898   11593   61.35
      VISITATION VALLEY               11613    3955   34.06
      WEST TWIN PEAKS                 32467   18331   56.46
      WESTERN ADDITION                30983   14995   48.40
     TOTAL                           466127  226523   48.60

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