Francisco Da Costa and Mayoral Candidate Matt Gonzalez.


The Mayoral first round is over and the two finalists are Gavin Newsom and Matt Gonzalez. In the first round we worked and backed Angela Alioto and did very well but NOT well enough to make to the final round.

We were left with a dilemma as to who we should work for during the final round to select our future Mayor. The groups who work with me voted for Matt. In Matt they see some one who understands them and is accessible. Many of the people find that it is difficult to approach Gavin Newsom and cannot trust him as one who will work for the poor and those who need help. They see the connection with Willie Brown and this fact turns them away from Gavin Newsom.

I can approach both Gavin and Matt. I have often addressed issues before the Board of Supervisors. I have never addressed an issue neither to Gavin nor to Matt but from time to time Matt has been more attentive and better responsive and this does makes a difference.

Gavin Newsom still has connections and is tied like an umbilical cord to Willie L Brown the most corrupt Mayor that was elected to govern the City and County of San Francisco in recent history. Many of us pray for the day Willie leaves our City - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Matt Gonzalez spoke to those gathered at the Green House, which is situated at 4911 3rd Street and explained that he would be there for the people. He stressed that he would work for the creation of jobs, higher wages, address environmental issues, he was against police brutality, justice for victims that come before the District Attorney.

Most of us who heard him sincerely felt that the good attendance and the good vibes that permeated the event charged Matt. There were a number of speakers and they all spoke well. Judging from the cheers, I felt that the supporters felt like a family and are prepared to work hard to elect Matt Gonzalvez as the next Mayor of San Francisco.

We will build bridges between the various communities. The Chinese, the Samoans, the Hispanics, the African Americans, the Whites, others - we all should work together so that our City is governed by the best Mayor - Matt Gonzalvez.

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