The Examiner took the liberty to suggest to its readers that I was the one who announced the Recall of Sophie Maxwell.

To set the record straight I am not behind the initiation of the recall of Sophie Maxwell to whom I owe NO allegiance. She has let the constituents of District 10 down. She is inept and has no clue what is happening in her District.

To set the record straight if the recall is put in place I will sign the recall and work hard to remove the inept District 10 Supervisor from office.

The District 10 Supervisor has not served the constituents well especially those in the Portola District who fell prey to redistricting and negligence on many fronts. Foremost among them health and safety.

Those closer to Hunters Point were let down on AB 1187. This bill which would have created the Hunters Point Shipyard Development Agency (HUPSDA) was defeated through my efforts, and that of Ahimsa Sumchai and Andrew Bozeman. There was not a single Public Meeting held on this issue and so Mark Leno understood the will of the people and the educated constituent of District 10.

Crime is on the increase on 3rd Street and drug dealers and bums rule the streets. Our children have NO after school programs and our seniors have fallen prey to health and safety programs. Daily people get shot and recently even Public Transportation is in peril.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission continue to push for projects without Public Input in District 10 on issues like the Combustible Turbines and the Disposition and Development Agreement tied to Hunters Point and Parcel A. Over 1600 homes are planned on this toxic site by Lennar.

To date not one square inch has been conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco. Yet Lennar wants to jump the gun and build homes.

The MUNI 3rd Street Light Rail has killed many businesses. For months on end huge construction areas continue to impact homes and businesses with dust and access problems. The community was promised jobs on this $600 million dollar project. Some 40 people have been given minor jobs and that too temporary.

Pollution is on the rise and with it the death of innocent people from cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Since Sophie Maxwell has been in place District 10 is worse off. I will support the recall if any entity puts the RECALL in place.

This woman has to go.

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