April 29, 2004 the San Francisco Redevelopment met at the Ruth Williams Memorial Theatre in the Bayview. On the agenda adopting the environmental findings pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act and authorizing execution of the following documents with the U.S. Navy concerning the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard:

1. Conveyance Agreement.
2. Security Services Cooperative Agreement.
3. Related documents and authorizing related actions linked to Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment Project Area (Resolution No. 50-2004).

I have attended too many meetings at the Restoration Advisory Board, the Citizens Advisory Committee both linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Meetings before the Land Use Committee at City Hall, before the Board of Supervisors and even meetings in Sacramento all linked to the conveyance of the various parcels at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

There is a bill is Sacramento initiated by Mark Leno who has been pussy footing with Sophie Maxwell to create the Hunters Point Shipyard Development Authority. Much like they have on Treasure Island. Every gimmick in the book has been used to develop the Superfund Site at Hunters Point without due process, sound cleanup, to make money off homes and facilities surrounded by toxicity.

Backing the agreements Senator Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi that are as fake as the two inch make up they wear. These representatives are so out of touch with their constituents they should feel ashamed of themselves.

It will take billions of dollars to clean up the Hunters Point Shipyard. The Shipyard has serious toxic hotspots linked to very serious radiological and other dangerous toxins that were dumped, buried, and leached all over the Hunters Point Shipyard.

A few hundred millions of dollars which belong to the taxpayer in the first place should not allow Senator Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi to gloat. Waiting to pounce on any headway that is made is Feinstein's husband and Nancy is grooming her son to rake in as much with projects in the pipeline at Hunters Point. Notice I left our Barbara Boxer so far she is the only one that has some decency.

The signed conveyance agreement is as fake as they come. One has only to focus on the pressure that was put on the Navy. The Navy really depends on Congress for funds and right now the Nation has been bleeding sending whatever we have to Iraq. A realistic figure 150 billion dollars and piling. The Navy is more then willing to dump the crap on the City and County of San Francisco, which can have it - if they may.

The City and County of San Francisco have a $400 million plus deficit. The recent Union Bargaining Agreements favor the Unions who will not give in. Gavin Newsom is young and having made his headlines with gay marriages, appointments of women to various post, his trips to areas where crime is still rampant - he is now facing a growing deficit, will have to lay off hundreds, shut down need facilities, deal with health and safety problem - now is when he will have to deal to the real facts of being a Mayor. Soon reality will sink in.

Gavin Newsom does not need a liability and he has a big one with Hunters Point Shipyard. The Navy will be more then happy to load the Shipyard and with it the toxins that will take billions to clean.

The process in which the recent deliberations linked to Hunters Point Shipyard have been conducted is to say the least disgusting. There has been no clear open process at the important public meetings - thug and pressure tactics have been the used to intimidate those who care to dialog and bring about a resolution.

December 2, 2003 many of us went to City Hall to have a nice dialog What we saw was thugs occupying all the seats and conducting the affairs before the SF Redevelopment Commissioners in a nonchalant manner. The Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. announced that San Francisco was too much into the process and that we should just go ahead and started the development on Parcel A.

I made it clear at the December 2, 2003 meeting that process was important. Process brought forth Accountability and Transparency. Today, April 29, 2004 Jesse Blout from the Mayors Office of Economic Development and Michael Cohen City Attorney encouraged those who did not see eye to eye with the SF Redevelopment Agency and the former proceedings to TRUST them on this one.

Don Capobres the Senior Project Manager at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard representing the SF Redevelopment Agency set the tone for Jesse Blout and Michael Cohen to explain the details of the documents that the U.S. Navy has signed linked to the Conveyance Agreement.

I was present when the Presidio of San Francisco was handed over to the National Park Service. Later the Presidio Trust took responsibility with an Early Transfer and buying of Special Insurance to do the cleanup. The Presidio deal has many faults and no one knows why Battery Wagner and Caulfield will NOT be cleaned. It must be noted that the Presidio of San Francisco is not as polluted as the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Nancy Pelosi was involved with that deal. Remember James Meadows who stole millions and was the head of the Presidio Trust. Wait till you hear the horror stories coming out of Hunters Point.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site. While some Supremacy Clause may guarantee those who brought the Navy to sign some documents on Parcel A some breathing ground - those who were responsible for this action - paid no attention to the Precautionary Principle which stops one in the tracks in matters where there is full knowledge of adverse impacts affecting a whole community.

Left out in the dark is the community. The community has not been consulted as partners. People like Olin Webb and Karen Pierce who work with Saul Bloom do not make the community. These folks make their living faking to work for the community. The get grants from San Francisco Environment and will get money from projects at Hunters Point. Olin Webb is already lining his ducks trying to do abatement when he has been a great failure all his damn life.

Saul Bloom does not live in the community. He loves the community because he can make money. Notice how Florin worked at Treasure Island, then the SF Port Authority, now for Lennar BVHP LLC. I have been following these folks for a long time - they are in the loop for the money not to serve the community.

The point I am making is that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site. All of it must be cleaned according to Proposition P that passed by over 87 percent of the constituents of San Francisco voting for a cleanup that meets Residential Standards. This was stated by Espanola Jackson. Also how she was instrumental in bringing the Restoration Advisory Board to address issues at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

At that time we had no idea as we do now with the Historical Radiological Report in hand and verified. Today we have some clear empirical data, which we lacked before because it was not there to be seen by those who really cared for the community.

It is a shame that we allow the Navy to walk away and take over Parcels that have not been signed over by State and Federal Agencies. The City and County of San Francisco have neither the ability nor clout to monitor Hazardous Materials, Pollution from diesel and other factors all over the City goes unchecked. The City contracts out all tests that have anything important to do with pollution.

Thousands of tons of pollution are generated from the old power plants, tons of millions of toxic diesel fumes, the dust generated by businesses that generate them with 2 miles from the power plants, mercury, lead, asbestos, and over 40 other dangerous toxins that spew into the Bay every day.

The City and County of San Francisco have never looked into the Cumulative Pollution Factors. Jessie Blout and those who work with him are ignorant of the facts. Infants are dying and taken to the hospital dead. Our children are dying and these guys want to build homes on toxic land.

Go ahead and build your fancy homes in the middle of Chernobyl. The City and County are setting a wrong precedence. The City and County of San Francisco are dividing the community. We have many sellouts and we saw them when Mayor Willie Brown Jr. was in power. Today, some of them are still there and it is these vermin who will bring the destruction of the African American community.

I challenge anyone that in 5 years the population of African Americans in the Bayview Hunters Point will be less then 5% of the existing total population in the Bayview Hunters Point. In the whole City and County of San Francisco right now it is about 7% - it will be less then 1%.

I would love to see who would shop at the CenterPiece African Market Place at Hunters Point Shipyard planned by San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

Today I saw some of the crooks stand at the back and create a hostile atmosphere. These vermin are waiting to make a fast buck. They do not care about the environment. They do not care about their fellow women, children, and men. All they are concerned about is money.

The likes of Olin Webb who is working behind the scenes to make money. The likes of Lennar BVHP which wants the contract to make money. The likes of Marcia Rosen who has done injustice at Mission Bay and it now looking forward to destroy what is left. Those SF Redevelopment Commissioners who are been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I am sick and fed up of such crooks and I wish they all get their Karma while here on Earth.

The meeting was heard alive on KAPOO Radio - and I hope those who heard the statements made at the meeting could discern and see the truth unfold before their eyes and ears. We have reached a stage where greed is the foremost priority and money says it all. Mostly White folks teaching Black folks how to cook gumbo. Very funny.

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