Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a mess and representing this mess the so called leaders Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer who are as fake as the two inch make up they wear each day trying to put their best foot forward. The Republicans are having a feast!

No one really know how many millions have been wasted on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard ever since the base was shut and then put on the Super Fund List and further charged by the NAVY to do the clean up. Over the years companies like International Technologies fleeced the NAVY of millions of dollars and declared bankruptcy. Since 1979 there have been so many Cleanup Managers, changing hands, that it is a joke.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, which together with Treasure Island once combined played an important role in many radiological experiments. Bombs that caused havoc and killed millions of Japanese once were stored at Hunters Point - then moved to ships that took them to secret destinations to do the " dirty work " that today many consider worse then the harm Hitler meted out to the Jews.

Our so-called leaders forget that the people of San Francisco are intelligent. That years ago they constituents of San Francisco through Proposition P demanded a through Clean Up of the Hunters Point Shipyard so that some Quality of Life Standard could be maintained and the former Shipyard used for decent human purposes.

Today, under the dictatorial reign of former Willie L Brown Jr. the most corrupt indecent Mayor that ever set foot in City Hall - crooks such as Lennar BVHP LLC, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA), other City crooks who sit on the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB), the NAVY, has pandered to those who do not have the interest of the immediate community. The community has been adversely impacted for many years and no one seems to care.

Our children who live close by to the Shipyard are dying of respiratory diseases. Our adults of cancer and other diseases stemming from the toxins that are in their homes by the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Sophie Maxwell who represents the District 10 has been pandering to vested interests. She has been accompanied to Washington DC by none other then the corrupt Linda Richardson who was funded by Lennar to run for District Supervisor and lost.

By others like Willie B. Kennedy who was given a $160,000 plus job to pass the Disposition and Development Agreement by hook or by crook. She saw to it that over 40 sub-committee meetings were pushed in one single month, so that Willie L. Brown Jr. could have his corrupt wish.

It is the commitment of such House Negroes - using black on blacks to deceive all but especially the blacks that will bring the ruin of all African Americans in the Hunters Point area. I guarantee in 5 years the population of the African American, which is about 27% today, will be less then 5%. With that the dreams of an African Market will be history. Hear me loud and clear Lennar BVHP LLC!

Hunters Point as least the area around Kiska Road over looking the Bay has always been vied. There is the Shipyard close by which should be cleaned in toto. Mariner Village, which was handed over to the City by the Navy, but was not cleaned to standards.

There are lots of old NAVY housing full of fungi, asbestos, and other hazardous material. The Housing Authority and the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which is broke and Federal have done a very poor job of bring about Quality of Life Changes to the environs surrounding the people of Hunters Point all these many years.

We are in 2004 and instead of the people getting help the NAVY is now set to hand over Parcel A to the crooks and thugs all connected with Willie L. Brown Jr. Lennar BVHP heads the group of thugs, followed by the Tabernacle Group, all so called Church leaders following the path of Judas. Thirty pieces of silver!

Willie's cronies who were on the take - some of them like Mohammed Nuru are in the news for corrupt practices. It is just a matter of time before Linda Richardson and many more are exposed. There is nothing good about these bad people except the title within which they are grouped and very well known for - thugs.

Recently some journalists think they have hit a Jack Pot of corruptness and some have been writing about what the community in the Southeast Sector has know for years. This exposure is just the tip of the iceberg. Our Representatives in Congress, the Senate, the local District 10 Supervisor, and many City officials have blood on their hands.

The people of Bayview Hunters Point have suffered too much. Now, they are on the warpath and you will see many heads toppling. Our time has come and the crooks will be exposed for all that they are - villains of the worst type. Scum bags.

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