The Navy shocked everyone when they spoke about Methane Gas communicating after breaking a plastic barrier put into place which has been a disaster on Parcel E next door to Parcel A where over 1600 housing units are proposed to be built by Lennar Corporation BVHP LLC.

Gas communicating breaking a barrier is better explained by commuting from Point A to B and everywhere by the lay person by saying that the gas is flowing away from the source and expanding in area.

Bottom line it has been difficult dealing with Methane Gas which is very harmful to humans when they are directly exposed to it in large amounts. Also when Methane Gas combined with deadly radiological elements the combination always adversely affects human and has been for a long time to the neighbors who live surrounding Kiska Road and by Crisp Road.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC), the SF Department of Health, those agencies monitoring the water shed, the Bay Area Air Quality Board, others, have all done a very poor job.

Had Hunters Point Shipyard been near Pacific Heights or some rich neighborhood where the residents were filthy rich Whites there would have been a hue and cry. Not so when it comes to minorities.

The two Senators and the Congresspersons do not give a damn about the constituents who live near and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. They have never ever studied the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) - the reason is simple the Representatives started pandering to the Developers because of the money they contributed.

It is time to get rid of our two fake Senators and the Minority Whip who has done nothing for all of us. She keeps berating the Republicans when she does the same to the constituents she represents.

Nancy has done that to the Federal Employees on the Presidio many of who have lost their jobs. She has failed us on both Treasure Island and Hunters Point. She keeps pandering to Developers and those who do not have the interests of those adversely impacted for years. I have informed Dan Bernal her point person to no avail.

The NAVY should not convey one square inch to the City and County of San Francisco unless very high cleanup standards are in place. Lennar BVHP LLC and its other affiliates have lost over 6% of their Stocks and Shares. They will continue to lose more in the future as people learn about their corrupt practices. This entity has a track record of building homes on toxic sites that have not been cleaned up to standards.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has serious Radiological Cleanup issues. We are still waiting for the final document giving us a good idea of the Radiological Concerns. This report has been delayed because again and again at this late date we have found sites that require very serious cleanup and abatement procedures.

The SF Redevelopment Agency and those entities that support it are crooks. The SFRA should be dismantled and all those working for it send packing home. Fore most the Director Marcia Rosen who has worked hand in glove with the corrupt Willie L. Brown Jr. and his cronies.

At this late date we are also learning about communicating Methane Gas! Parcel E is next to parcel A and the gas seem to encroach Parcel A as each and every day more precise assessment is being conducted on both parcels by monitoring wells and gadgets.

Let us wait and cleanup the area so those Quality of Life Standards are in place. Let us not adversely impact our citizens and put them in harms way.

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