In a couple of weeks we humans will move into a new Millennium. For most January 1, 2000 is the start of the new Millennium. There are some who insist that January 1, 2001 is the start of the new Millennium. Go figure that out! I sincerely feel that January 1, 2001 is the dawn of the new Millennium and that there will be drastic changes all over this Earth for the good of all people.

Much before the Romans figured out the Julian calendar which we accept today, there were other civilizations such as the Babylonian, Mohenjo-Daro, Egyptian, Aztec, and so on who had their own calendars, much more sophisticated than the Julian calendar. While we who live today look upon the year 2000 with some prediction, many millenniums have been experienced by older civilizations. Some have been recorded and others are still being recorded and documented.

Why the calendar? The calendar is based on time and time is of essence. Those that were wise and full of wisdom, observed and respected the moon, the sun, and the stars. These were the factors that permitted our ancestors to calculate and understand time and calendars. There was a time for planting and a time to harvest. A time to sacrifice and a time to make war. A time for those elements and auspicious days the calendar demanded. Our ancestors were in awe of nature and thus transferred that respect to Mother Earth. Crops, the rain, the rivers, the trees, the insects and animals, monuments, the royalty, warriors, the enemy, rites and religion, dance and music, food and offerings, and so on all had a place in their daily lives of the inhabitants. It was a living civilization with never ending inter action that made living history and day to day living an on going saga of historic and memorable events.

Some where, along the line we who live today do not see life nor will we see life as these humans of yester years did in past civilizations. Time was of essence. Again and again, all of the old civilizations monitored the passing of events that took place over hundred of years and the number 1000 is significant. So for our civilization and for us who are living today to ponder and be some what fearful or auspicious of the year 2000, is nothing new.

We have wise women and men who have predicted changes in the new millenium that we all will experience in the year 2001. The year 2000 will set the tone and we humans with all our intelligence should be able to gauge ourselves to face reality and a new perspective in the coming millennium.

We humans are frail and at the mercy of nature. The recent earth quakes, hurricanes, floods, all over the world are messages that tells us humans that nature reigns supreme.

We pride ourselves that we have the capacity of landing on the moon and on Mars. Yet, the recent probe costing millions did not function and attain its mission objective. It might well be that it crashed because we humans could not predict the unpredictable. It could be that a higher intelligence simply sent us frail humans a message and zapped the probe!

Again and again, there are some ancient philosophers who predict the rain of fire in the new Millennium. Until very recently many thought that this may be a nuclear war. On further observation many now believe that it may be just a change of climate. Vast areas of the Earth's mass suffering from acute drought. The lack of rain making vast areas prone to fires. We have seen some of these recently in South East Asia having drastic affects on neighboring countries.

Time is of essence. The people of past civilizations respected mother Earth. Perhaps the fear of nature prompted the first peoples to have a stronger trust and respect for Mother Earth. Today, most of us take things for granted. Again and again so called progress stemming from industrialization and modern civilization have caused us humans to disrespect Mother Earth and those elements that we should share with all inhabitants present and future. After all we are all passing through on this short journey, most of us should know our destination and purpose of life on this Earth.

It is a fact that vast areas of land on the Earth are now devoid of once flourishing forests. It is a fact that many of the rivers that once were pristine now are polluted. Today, trillions of tons of toxic waste are dumped in our Oceans, our rivers, and buried in land fills. This pollution is disrespect and the consequences of our actions untold.

After denying for years that there was nothing to fear about our Ozone level, we now agree that indeed we have to stop polluting the atmosphere.

We all now agree that the vital forests all over the world are important and the lungs of the Earth. We now fully realize that without clean water, our civilization will fail. We accept the fact that it is wrong to dump toxic waste in our Oceans, our rivers, and in numerous land fills all over the Earth. That it is important not to waste and to recycle.

We all are dependent on oil. Yet, it is a fact that is less than 30 years our present oil reserves will dry up. And further more oil will be at a very high premium. Most countries that today boast of having oil and consume it indiscrimitorily will speak of oil as something that once they did have! Much like some species that no more exist.

The first people always respected the SUN. As time goes along the Sun and its energy will play an important role in our present and future civilization. The writings and prophecies of ancient civilization lends itself to such times when humans will praise the benefits of the Sun. Clean energy has been looked into but we have yet to challenge ourselves to develop it, in a manner that most have access to it and have it cheap.

As much as we hope that nuclear plants will come to our rescue. Again and again Nuclear disasters have prompted us humans to shun from Nuclear energy. It is a powerful tool that is too risky to play with.

As much as we pride that we have the capability to engineer plants, animals, and mess with the DNA of living species, we stop, and have said enough is enough. Even an entity like MONSANTO which made billions selling engineered seeds, now agrees that it ought not to mess with Mother Nature.

Our present philosophers, theologians, historians, archeologists, humanists, artists, writers, farmers, educationists, politicians, computer scientists, architects, engineers, industrialists, bankers, economists, and women, children, and men from all walks of life all over the world are influenced by what I call a plastic civilization. Plastic is a symbol, that means so many things to so many people.

Why plastic? Plastic is a form that is light, durable, serves many purposes, has forced inventors to base so many inventions with durability, being light weight, and some how contributes to pollution. Plastic products are not bio-degradable and some how stand in my mind as a symbol of accommodating us humans and yet teaching us a lesson by polluting our environment.

Plastic has no soul! Shuns compassion, nurturing, respect for each other and Mother Earth, it is a symbol that speaks to so many things and is well understood, yet as we think deeper it is drab and shallow, it serves us a bit but does more harm than good.

Spiritual institutions be it the temples, the churches, the mosques, the alters of sacrifice, women and men who were prophets and messengers, all played their role in the civilization of humans for centuries gone by. Spiritualism was an important ingredient in day to day lives. Today, spirituality is making a come back.

We humans fully understand that our bodies need nourishment, our minds too, but what is very important is the SOUL. There are many dead women and men, walking the face of this earth because some where along the line they have forgotten to nourish their souls. The coming millennium will afford us a chance to nourish our souls and better this world.

China and Russia tried to stifle spirituality, today they realize they have failed. There are still many philosophies that call religion "opium of the people". Well, today we all can be free and those of us who have the power should free others who are strapped and have no freedom. Stand for justice and those values which have stood the test of time.

Spirituality is making a big come back in those countries that once surpressed spirituality. Here in America, we have been blessed. Our founding founders saw early on the separation between Church and State. The first people of the United States placed a high premium on spirituality and this prevails to this day. Our Native Americans were the founders of democracy and valued the Great Spirit. I have stood for the values that the Native Americans, held high for many millenniums. I was born in Africa the home of such traditions and spiritualism.

I have been influenced by Theilhard de Chardin, Aurobindo Ghose, Karl Rahner, by several archeologists, historians, philosophers, theologians, engineers, computer scientists, architects, politicians, business people, activists, who I have the pleasure of working and talking to in my life. Today, through this web site, I am able to stand and fight for issues on the Presidio of San Francisco, the first people of the Bay Area, the Ohlones, and specifically the Muwekma Ohlone, and general issues like Trade, Economics, Jobs, Education, Health among a few all over the world. The recent issues brought about by the World Trade Organization conference held in Seattle, Washington State.

As Co-Chair of the California Delegation I will represent a lot of what I stand for in Washington, D.C. February, 2000 at the National Summit On Africa. One can visit my web site One should visit and of course the web site that means so much to me

In a couple of weeks much of what we see and experience today we will continue to experience. The Millennium will give us a better sense of viewing life because it gives us an opportunity to evaluate our lives and contribute our talents to the betterment of all people all over the world.

The key word is respect. If we respect our fellow human being, respect our Earth, we will have done our civilization proud! Long after we are gone this earth will be here. It may sound funny but for sure there will be others who will enjoy the next Millenium.