Huge toxic pile by UCSF complex.

Map showing Mission Bay toxic site


San Francisco is the City that knows how - so they say. Most of us who live in San Francisco have witnessed all the growth around Mission Bay - the area around the new ballpark - PacBell! The place where Barry Bonds slammed all those balls into Covey Bay.

Some years ago if anyone visited this area there was no much development around Mission Bay. Much of the land belonged to Catellus Corporation and Southern Pacific.

It was mainly Catellus Corporation who teamed up with major developers and the Mayor - known to us as Willie Brown to make deals right, left, and center. The boom was kinda of riding on that wave but little did most of us know that it would crash.

It was fun watching condominiums priced as high as $800,000 at one time now selling for about $400,000 in the Mission Bay Area. It was also fun watching all those live-work lofts empty and developers going under - many of them declaring bankruptcy.

There are some who have been watching the Catellus Corporation and the City and County of San Francisco very closely. The City's Planning Department, the City's Redevelopment, the Mayor and his cronies who work for the Department of Public Works. Others too.

It would shock the world to know that at Mission Bay we have a brand new Hospital Facility that comes under the jurisdiction of University of California San Francisco. The City of San Francisco donated over 13 acres to make this facility workable. Others gave money and of UCSF saw that everything within means was thrown into the equation to create a State of the Art - hospital complex.

The paradox is that right below this brand new building Catellus Corporation has dumped tons and tons of toxic waste! Who will investigate and who will bring justice?

Now tell me what sense does it make to have the best Hospital Complex and have a gray cloud hanging around you - knowing each and every single day that the ground on which the UCSF hospital stands is not hollowed ground but TOXIC! What state of healing can be performed on ground that defies sense and favors pollution?

Now, Catellus Corporation knows about it and the State and City agencies who are supposed to monitor toxic waste know about this but have turned the other way around. Who I ask will bring justice?

For years there were huge piles of toxic waste here, there, and every where around Mission Bay. I took some digital photographs and sent them to some of the monitoring agencies. It was ONLY when I took this step that only the piles I made known were covered. I could not have sent photographs of all the toxic sites and if the authorities to be covered the ones I revealed to them - they should have covered all of the toxic piles - knowing well that many innocent constituents of San Francisco and other were exposed to them. Why should innocent people be adversely impacted and their fate and health put at the mercy of greedy developers?

I am calling upon Norman Riley and the Governor of California - Gray Davis to do something about the toxic piles found all over Mission Bay. To send a probe and find out why we have so much toxic dirt buried under the brand new UCSF medical complex at Mission Bay?

Recently the Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown Jr. went to bio-medical companies South of San Francisco enticing them to come to San Francisco. Does Willie know that his Mission Bay area is riddled with toxicity? Sooner or later this fact will be revealed in the PRESS and those who were supposed to do their job will be called before the authorities. This devious plan by Catelllus to defy the law and put thousands of innocent people into harm way is plain WRONG.

Greed has its limits. Greed should not KILL innocent people and defy laws that should NOT be broken. Those who side with the crooks should be fined and go to jail. Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

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