Sophie Maxwell is the Supervisor from District 10. I have described her as inept, ignorant, and very arrogant. She has been playing with the constituents of District 10 but what is worse the problems she has created in District 10 now over flow and affect District 9 and District 11. They also affect the City and County of San Francisco as a whole and that is a shame. Sophie's District has the worse Black on Black shooting and killing in the whole City and County of San Francisco.

Some time ago Sophie called a hearing to address the killings in District 10. There was one week when 10 constituents from District 10 were killed by shooting. The violence stems from lack of pride and lack of Safety and Health Programs in District 10. Sophie has done nothing much in the last 3 years.

Sophie Maxwell was raised in the Haight Ashbury area and really has NO feel for the people of District 10 - especially the Bayview, Visitation Valley, and for sure she is OUT of touch when it comes to the people who live in Public Housing at Hunters Point. Ask anyone on the street at Hunters Point and they will tell you point blank this woman has to go and at the same time call her choice names.

Sophie was behind two meetings one held up on the Hill, we call Hunters Point and the other at City Hall. She lines up a number of dumb City Officials who talk down at the constituents. We do not want people who do not feel with the constituents preaching to us. We want something done which Sophie Maxwell is not capable of doing.

Recently, she called for a hearing on the City's Energy Plan in Room 263 at City Hall. There were a host of crooks among the crowd. Two crooks who compromised with Pacific Gas and Electric for a paltry sum of $7,500. Another crook that made $10,000 off the toxic piles at Pier 92. It is crooks like these that surround Sophie Maaxwell who is on the take herself that make a mockery of any supposed to be - process.

Ask Sophie what is her connection with 5800 3rd Street and the Developer who proposes to build homes there? Ask Sophie how much money has she received for pushing the project at 3rd Street and Cargo? Ask her how much has she received from Hanson whose business is near Pier 96? Ask Sophie what is her connection to the corrupt and illegal Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee? She once headed the BVHP PAC.

Now ask her why do we have so many youth that are killed by shootings? Ask her why our youth do not have good health care? Ask Sophie to name the extra curricula activities available to the youth after School Hours? Ask her why we do not have good Health Services? Ask her why Bayview does not have one singe High School? Ask her why so many bums, drunks, whores, and drug dealers hang around 3rd Street? Ask her why are our streets torn for months on end? Ask her why do we have so much pollution from the diesel vehicles?

Ask Sophie Maxwell why is it that those in Public Housing have to pay PG&E? Prior to 1998 they did not have to pay PG&E one single cent. PG&E owe people living at Hunters Point in Public Housing millions of dollars. The people in Public Housing should get their energy FREE. Yes, FREE. They got it before from Hetch Hetchy as the law prescribes.

Thursday, March 4, 2004 Sophie chose to have a hearing to address the City's Energy Plan - the meeting was a joke. Right now our City and County of San Francisco has an over $350 million deficit. The City cannot manage itself. Now, how do you propose the City try to manage and address the Energy Distribution of our City?

California Independent Systems Operator (CA ISO) clearly stated to those present that they were not created to address Environmental Justice issues. That is how White folks feel and think about Blacks and other Minorities. They only way you get these scumbags are that you take them to court. Can Sophie do that? NO. She talks the talks but will never, ever walk the walk.

It is time the youth take on Sophie Maxwell. Yes, you youth keep saying this and that - but you should go to City Hall and tell the Board of Supervisors what you feel about Sophie Maxwell. Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Most of the Community Based Organizations who were there present like Bayview Advocates, Literacy for Environmental Justice, other CBOs have not attended the real meetings with SF PUC, PG&E, CA ISO, to dialog, contribute, and comprehend the Power Flow projected for the next couple of years. I have not seen them at the Jefferson-Martin Transmission Public Meetings. I have not seen them at the California Public Utilities Meetings or Public Hearings at the State Building. I have NOT heard them speak up and express their concerns. They will not because simply put they do not understand the real issues.

Sophie Maxwell should stop associating with crooks and Community Based Organizations who are and have been suspect. It is wrong to build a Living Classroom at Pier 98. Sophie saw nothing with that and encouraged taking our precious children on a toxic dump and near the old toxic spewing Hunters Point Power Plant.

These scumbags on the one hand want to shut down the Power Plant and on the other hand take our children near the Power Plant - just so that they can make money. They even held Earth Day near the toxic spewing Power Plant. They do not live in the community - yet make money off the community.

Sophie Maxwell is about money. You will see soon it will come to haunt her. Closer home her relatives do not like her. If she can screw her own relatives - what makes you thing she will not those who are her constituents?

I have attended all the San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission Meetings. This body requested R.W. Beck to work on the City and County of San Francisco's Energy Plan. I have never, ever seen Sophie Maxwell attend one single meeting. I have never ever seen those crooks, who surround her, those CBOs participate at these vital and critical meetings.

It fact these fools cannot because these scumbags cannot vouch for their own credibility and know how when it comes to real factual concrete information - they have nothing to contribute.

I challenge the fools who make a fool of themselves attending stupid hearings, which Sophie Maxwell calls, from time to time to address and contribute to the Electric Financial Feasibility Study. I challenge them to contribute to the understanding and factual operation of the Electric Distribution System inside and outside the City and County of San Francisco? I challenge Sophie Maxwell to contact her cronies like Joe Boss, Olin Webb, Karen Pierce, Dana Lanza and attend the next SFLAFCo meeting or CPUC meeting.

It is a shame that Sophie Maxwell the AC/DC Supervisor who has no credibility - is an Electrician by profession - cannot shut down the Hunters Point Power Station in toto. It is a shame that this woman cannot understand how government works because she is NOT educated on issues.

You, Sophie can FOOL some of the people some of the time - but remember you cannot and will never fool the constituents - all the time.

It is time that the $13.3 million dollars, State Money, distributed to some crooks is accounted for. The Public should know why Sophie Maxwell headed this committee? Why $1.5 million dollars was given to the Conservatory in the Golden Gate Park? Why money was not spent in the 94124 zip code to help our children who are dying from respiratory diseases. Sophie Maxwell has blood on her hands and she continues making a mockery by holding some bogus hearings. Enough is Enough.

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