When over 6000 constituents from the Bayview and Hunters Point signed the petition to Recall the corrupt District 10 Supervisor they send a clear signal enough is enough.

The District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell has been a failure from day one. She cannot understand issues and is slow to bring about solutions. She keeps the company of crooks and those who have no interests of the constituents. It is not a favored mechanism to use the RECALL - it is only used when all other options have failed. In this case Sophie Maxwell should not have continued in her present occupation the last time around. District Elections have failed the Bayview Hunters Point.

The San Francisco Election Department has checked the signatures and there are more then the stated number and more all-valid and so now the decision should be made. Sophie Maxwell and the Recall should be put on the November election and the woman has to go. Pronto.

I saw the Director of Elections making his rounds. I know that Sophie Maxwell has consulted him - Sophie needs to be told the truth - good bye baby! Sophie dug a hole so deep that she can lie in it for as long as she wants. Go away woman and stay away from society.

Over the years good people have telephoned Sophie and her office never to be contacted - again. You tell her the truth and she wants to believe what she thinks she knows best - which is next to nothing. The woman could not pass a test as an Electrician in San Francisco - she had to go to Oakland. The woman has no sense of a Republic where laws are in force and where wrongdoing is punished. Sophie Maxwell is on the take - Passive Meetings and working with developers is her forte.

John Antz and Mendelson and the Election Commissioners better do the right thing - put the name of this corrupt woman Sophie Maxwell on the November Election and good riddance of very bad rubbish.

In all the years Sophie Maxwell has been in office she has screwed the District 10 constituents. No one worth their salt respects Sophie Maxwell a dumb, ignorant, and arrogant woman in the Portola District, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley, Dog Patch, Silver Terrace, on the Hill we call Hunter Point or in the Bayview. The only respect she gets are from Whites on Potrero Hill to whom she panders. Starbucks!

Sophie Maxwell can go to the Panhandle and to Haight Ashbury where she really belongs. She had no business representing the constituents of San Francisco as a Supervisor and really no business representing the constituents of District 10 directly. She is simply incompetent.

One has just to watch her when she talks at the Board of Supervisors meetings- it is no pathetic. One has just to watch her when the gavel is handed over to her at the BOS meeting - she cannot conduct simple meetings and cannot fathom nor make simple rulings. Again and again she has to be reminded and coached. She stated on Channel 11 that she will not be the MayorŐs Girl - well she has been a detriment to society and the constituents of District 10 - she might as well be plying her trade in the Tenderloin.

Sophie has pandered to the Planning Department and is involved with the big complex projects linked to the Fedex and UPS in District 10. The projects at 5800 3rd Street, 5600 3rd Street, Cargo and 3rd Street and others too many to mention have her working behind the scenes. She really thinks she can fool all the people all the time. The conduits on Islais Creek had her blessing I saw her there with a blank stare on her ugly face. She destroyed the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary.

Sophie Maxwell has let down the people on Hunters Point Shipyard and wanted to work with Mark Leno forming the Hunters Point Shipyard Development Authority that I shot down. Sophie is a corrupt person and has no business serving the Public. She surrounds herself with thugs and I have and can name them if she challenges me to name them.

She went on Channel 11 and lied - look the interviewer of City Desk straight in the eye and lied. Liars have only one place in life - in jail. The voters have spoken they do not want this asinine woman representing them - she is a disgrace to the Blacks and more to the human race.

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