The Housing Element should have been in place at least 3 years ago so that the State of California gets the best empirical data to project our Housing Growth in the next ten years. On Transportation too.

Side by side with the Housing Element the Transportation Document also permits the State to better understand the so called Transit Corridors and the benefits all San Franciscans would enjoy to travel using more Public and less private transportation.

As usually happens the corrupt City Planning headed by Gerald Green and Amit Ghosh were more interested in pandering to huge developers who pay the planners to expedite projects, other crooks too to do their bidding. What is good in the best interest of the constituents of the City and County of San Francisco is very, very low on the City Planning's agenda and Totem Pole.

The most corrupt Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. did all in his power to shelter corrupt special interests and big developers in San Francisco. Mission Bay and the many Live/Work lofts that have sprouted all over the City would never have been constructed if it were NOT for the very corrupt lame duck Willie L. Brown Jr. who will be out of office January 8, 2004. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

It is imperative that any Housing and Transportation documents have the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco. That a document called the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) be attached to the Housing and Transportation document.

Of course City Planning would never go this route because City Planning is not about to follow rules and regulations. City Planning with Gerald Green as the Czar has broken every single law and right now he spends more time outside his office NOT serving the needs of the people of San Francisco. The same with Amit Ghosh you cannot reach his inept Planner Phd not by telephone nor by e-mail.

The State of California should have had the Housing Element document a long time ago so that it can fund the City and County of San Francisco on major projects linked to Housing and Transportation.

The State can also except a minimal document wherein the City Planning declares that the Housing Element as a Negative Declaration - meaning that there are NO major obstacles that the City and County of San Francisco and the City Planning have encountered. No major impacts that will ADVERSELY IMPACT the thousands of San Franciscans who live in this great City.


Again and again at numerous meetings both the City Planning Commissioners and City Planning have sided against the people and for methods bordering on deceit. City Planning and the Planning Commissioner can look you straight in the EYE and LIE.

There are 4 City Planning Commissioners who do Willie Brown's bidding and they should resign. I say they should resign and leave town. We do not need corrupt jack asses from New York and Chicago to come over here and screw with our values and the Quality of Standard Living. Enough is enough. Let's us void the boyd!

City and County of San Francisco Planning should be totally reorganized. It is a shame that the turn over is so high and the frustration of the few honest workers so high that no one wants to work where NO laws and regulations are followed.

The present interim Planning Director, Green the Director who is out of the office most of the time, and Amit Ghosh are so pompous in their attitude that they need suspended and removed from office. Simply disgusting the way they talk to you as if they are omnipotent.

The people of San Francisco are fed up with City Planning and the Planning Commissioners. That includes the past City Planning Commissioner President who is now on trial for taking bribes.

This is the only City that allows thousands of units to be built on a toxic dump like Mission Bay. This is the only City that first allows thousands of units to be built and then thinks about sewage and energy issues. In all other Cities and Counties - Infrastructure has to be in place first and then Developers can build homes and other facilities.

Again and again be it on Ricon Hill, in the Mission, in the South of Market Area, in North Beach, in Hunters Point and Bayview - City Planning has NOT followed standards because it has no ethics.

Again and again CONDITIONAL USES have been embraced to break laws and regulation. We even had a City proposition on height limits but San Francisco City Planning thinks nothing of side stepping the Proposition and defending the interest of developers who are in it for the money and not for Quality of Life Standards.

Recently the San Francisco City Planning notified the PUBLIC by posting a false notice, full of mistakes in the local Independent newspaper during the Christmas holiday season - declaring the Housing Element meets all the elements of a NEGATIVE DECLARATION. This is plain wrong and a slap on the face of those who really care about this great city we call San Francisco.

Amit Ghosh has to be removed from office and so have Binder and Green. I hope Gavin Newsom sees to it that these parasites have no place in any Planning Decision that Adversely Impacts the Health and Welfare of all San Francisco. Also Safety Issues and the downing of Quality of Life Standards.

The City Attorney should study the notification linked to the Negative Declaration and order City planning to re notify the constituents of San Francisco. How ever we need to have a series of Public Meetings and some of them before the City Planning Commissioners all over the City and County of San Francisco.

The Planning Commissioners would do well to visit the neighborhoods who are affected rather then bluff the constituents from City Hall where they connive and try to fool the people using convoluted language.

Down with this so-called BOGUS Negative Declaration linked to the Housing Element that makes no sense and which the City Attorney should declare null and void.

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