Soldier in Kuwait - No War in Iraq


Washington DC has made blatant mistakes before but this mistake will be the biggest one made in a long, long time. No War on Iraq!

History they say repeats itself. When the Nation took part in the Viet Nam war which we had no business with - against the wishes of the people - Washington DC put in harms way over 58,000 women and men. Most of them Hispanics and African Americans - in short minorities be they Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese. Ethnic groups few in numbers and not large enough to have political clout.

Iraq is ancient Babylon - the birth place of Abraham - the Father of Nations and at least much respected by the Judeo-Christian alliance - but further more by the Moslem Nations too.

It is the ancient civilization that is now Iraq that has given so much to the world - our numerical system, algebra and geometry, medicine and the art of doctoring, and so much more. Babylon influenced the then known world and indirectly today influences todayŐs world.

When the Iraq-Iran war was going on in the 1980s - our Nation sided with Iraq and taught them all that they needed to know and more about warfare. For years our Nation looked the other way when Iraq and Sadam Hussein at the helm of affairs engaged in chemical warfare. Our Nation gave much of the weapons at that time to them.

At one time our United States leaders were all praise for Iraq but today Iraq is our worst enemy. While the world knows that Mr. Hussein has to go away - the world ask one question - million of infants and others have died in Iraq - through starvation and lack of medical supplies. Why are we going to KILL more infants, youth, and innocent women and men - ordinary Iraqis who have done nothing to harm our Nation?

It is a well-known fact that we are not going after Sadam Hussein but after OIL! Bush and his men are in the business of OIL!

It is a shame that millions have to die so that we may get OIL and be pals with the Saudi Arabia authorities, which is basically a dictatorial government. Women are treated like chattel and Saudi citizens were directly involved with the attack on our Nation - September 11, 2001.

Millions of informed citizens all over the world do not want WAR. Going to war is NOT the solution this time around. We have unfinished business in Bosnia, in Afghanistan, all over Africa, in South America, in Korea - yet some of our leaders using special powers want to go to war and put thousands of our women and men in harms way. No way.

Even as our service men and women are in Kuwait pot shots are taken at them. The same in Afghanistan, in Bosnia, all over the world where our Nation thinks we should be the International policemen. This must stop.

Here at home we have not dealt with our own economic situation. Millions are out of work. Millions have stopped looking for work. Hundreds of large corporations have closed their doors and declared Chapter 11. The picture is not rosy.

Further our racial relations at home leaves much to be desired. The First People have yet to be given their rights. Washington DC continues to deny the First People access to their own money. Treats them worse then second class citizen. Our Nation has even lied and hidden documents to deprive certain tribes to be put on the Federal Register.

African Americans are worse off today. In the 1960s you knew the enemy but today the enemy smiles are you and stabs you in the back. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would feel ashamed if he were here today because most of what he fought for has been shoved under the carpet. There are laws and regulations but no ENFORCEMENT. There is no Accountability and absolutely no Transparency.

We allow the types of Enron to steal billions of dollars. We allow our NationŐs economy to be in deficit. Our Nation will take years to recover. It is a shame that we allow Washington DC pay no attention to the ECONOMY but divert our minds to WAR! This Nation has lost of sense of priority. What is more many of us are not well educated leave alone informed. When will we learn to discern?

For the first time in decades ordinary women and men have taken to the streets. They are NOT leftist or communist as they were branded years ago. Doctors, Scientists, Teachers, Police Personnel, Fire Fighters, Engineers, professional people see NO POINT going to war.

Many of them have had sufficient turmoil to deal with in their lives. Most everyone in the Nation has been affected by the current economic despair. This has affected medical and insurance benefits. Many have no insurance and others are falling behind their payments. This has been going on for years now. We were promised some change but the change seems to be for the worse.

Our military personnel too have to deal with hardship here at home. It is not easy when most of our military are Reservists and the burden falls on their wives and family to make ends meet. The military are not paid currently in proportion to their skills. Modern warfare demands higher education and expert skills many so technical that one light mistake can take the life of those who fight on our own side.

Our Nation has to stop excessive use of oil at home. Our cars burn too much of oil and the car industry have not done much to give more mileage to the gallon. Sport Utility Vehicles are on the increase; electric and other clean burning fuels on the decrease.

This war on Iraq must not go on. Right now we are on the verge of provoking a big war that will draw in many other Nations that today tolerate us. When that happens those in Washington DC will act ignorant but the damage will be done and heavy casualties will be delivered on our Service women and men.

There is nothing pleasant about war. During Desert Storm and Shield our Service men and women went to war - healthy. When they came home after a month - most of them were ill - even today they suffer and the government did not do anything much for them. It took years before the government admitted the Desert Storm Syndrome, which affects the immune system and made our service women and men weak.

If we go to war with Iraq - we may win some battles but we will not win the War. Our Service women and men will be put in harms way. No War on Iraq!

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