The City and County of San Francisco has a clear advantage when it comes to hydroelectricity but has chosen to play second fiddle to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). The Raiker Act and Hetch Hetchy which the City and County of San Francisco controls prefers to sell clean energy to Counties like Tulare while using fossil fuel to cater to the energy needs of San Francisco. Fossil fuel - pollutes the air with toxins.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) should have been the lead agency to come out with a plan but the SFPUC has no leadership and has come out with a faulty plan that leads no where.

It was foolish for the SFPUC to jump on the bandwagon and try to site 4 Combustible Turbines (CTs) in the Southeast Sector by the Mirant Plan. After failing the first round the SFPUC went behind the backs of the constituents and tried placing 3 CTs on a site near the Mirant Plant that is polluted with radiological waste. This would never happen anywhere else. Where is the Precautionary Principle?

I have attended the Power Flow discussions and they too lead no where. These discussions were held by the SFPUC and Edward Smeloff and the others know what I am talking about.

The Board of Supervisors created the Local Agency Formation Commission ( LAFCO) and in all of the deliberations held by LAFCO the City clearly understood that PG&E will never give up on any their proprietary property, data, distribution system, and whatever without a fight. The City and County of San Francisco has no money and PG&E can fight the City and win because it is in the driver's seat and has full control of the City's Energy distribution system. The City leaders have no clue about the Power Flow, no clear idea about the distribution system, and have failed to participate at the higher level meetings with the various Energy Agencies. What is happening?

My partner Andrew Bozeman and I have attended meetings with the California Energy Commission in Sacramento with the City and County missing in action. I have attended meetings at Folsom with the California Independent System Operators with the City and County San Francisco missing in action.

I have attended many meetings with the SFPUC and even at these local meetings - we have had no one from the City and County of San Francisco (the so-called experts) participate, the experts from San Francisco Environment and no experts from the Mayor's office. This is a crying shame. We were discussing about the Power Flow and Energy Needs.

The City and County of San Francisco does not fully understand that no one in their right mind wants to work for the City given the turmoil that the City of San Francisco is facing today. I am talking about overhead electricians, electrical engineers, and others who demand a high salary that PG&E is capable of forking out. We have an over $350 million deficit. Many of the Key City Departments does not have high standards or the expertise to control a wide electric distribution system.

LAFCO is all talk and no action. It promised to have a Panel Discussion with Community Advocates and did not live up to its promises. It wasted a lot of the time and money that is could have spent for better purposes. In the end the consultant made the money and the City has become the laughing stock of those experts who know that the City cannot and will not be able to take any control of the City Energy needs. Beck consultants had much to tell the City but the City does not have the time, money, or the ability to follow up.

San Francisco Environment is gearing to accommodate excess and inept employees from the SFPUC. This reorganization will come to haunt the City and County of San Francisco in the future. In the year 2005 the Environmental Community and Agencies will hold a major Environmental Conference in San Francisco. SFE which has been a waster of taxpayers money has nothing much to show and a loser at best. It wants to put its best foot forward but is not stable. It is crying for help but in all the wrong places. Can it handle Energy Issues? It does not know how to walk but want to run - SFE is a total mess.

SFE is now posing itself to play a game in an area of Energy Issues that it has failed. It has failed the community and Community Aggregation Programs. It has worked with PG&E to adversely affect the community.

In preparation for this conference in 2005, SFE wants to put on a good face. It has Norcal Waste System that on its own has done well in sending the minimum waste to landfills. Norcal Waste has bought vehicles that do not use fossil fuel. It has invested in Solar Agency on its own. It is not right for anyone to wait on the sideline and take credit for the excellent work that Norcal Waste Systems has attained.

Moscone Center, the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant, and some other smaller projects have Solar Panels - none of which were supported in a real manner by San Francisco Environment. SFE employees like Cal Broomhead, Ann Kelly, YvonneWebb, and others have failed to deliver. These parasites came into SFE when Willie L Brown Jr. created positions and added to the distress of the City coffers. This fat has to be trimmed. Mayor Gavin Newsom please pay heed to this warning.

On another note the Capitol Improvement Project an over $3.6 billion venture demands the high standards. The SFPUC is waiting to hire a Director and the talk is that Susan Leal is negotiating for a $310 thousand salary for 10 years. This is a shame when everyone else is taking a cut in salary.

SFPUC is ripe with racial discrimination. One has just to listen to the tape on the SFPUC hearing held in Room 400 on Tuesday, June 8, at 1:30 p.m. Many think that the days when a noose was a symbol of hatred are gone - but at the SFPUC it is much alive so are rednecks and the KKK!

Our City and County of San Francisco have much that is good that is being destroyed by those who do not live in the City of San Francisco. These crooks come here earn fat salaries and then back bite and put down our City. Willie Brown allowed this to happen and it is time Mayor Gavin Newsom stop this nonsense once and for all.

SFPUC is the lead agency on all issues pertaining to Energy and the City and County of San Francisco. So far it has not proved its worth. I will be evaluating their actions and will not fail to tell the truth. We do not need the CTS and we do not need San Francisco Environment who know next to nothing holding stupid Public Meeting to get a footing in an area about that SFE knows nothing much - Energy Issues.

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