The world is a better place without these two scumbags who harmed so many innocent people. Raped and killed so many innocent women.

Many in Iraq feared these two monsters because they did as they pleased. Both these sons of Sadam killed hundreds of people and tortured hundreds more some personally and others by ordering the most horrendous tortures.

In hindsight most of us would have preferred that these two were caught alive, so that the world would get a better in sight of the inner circle. It would also have been a living document if these two had confessed about their crimes.

I am always in favor of our armed women and men. I will defer to the better judgment the Armed U.S. Superior Command at Ground Zero in Iraq. If it had to be that these two scumbags were taken down in the manner they were more power to our beloved U.S. Armed Forces.

The war goes on. Our service men and women should come home. It is time the Republicans shoulder the responsibility now and send their sons and daughters to do the dirty work they prolong. Poor sons and daughters of many of our beloved U.S. citizens mostly minorities should come home. Time for the filthy rich to take responsibility and pay the price. This is NO time for Republican politics.

We lost 58,000 in Vietnam. I remember that very well.

We harmed many in Desert Storm and Shield.

It is time that we take our losses and come home. Those who are serving now have done their fare share and more. Time to bring our beloved women and men from the armed forces home where they belong. We also need to compensate them, give the best health and housing benefits.

It is not fair that they endure the heat and the lack of good food and rest. They were trained to battle and win.

They were NOT trained to do police work for a long period of time. They should not be put in harms way and pot shots taken at our beloved service women and men.

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