San Francisco Port Authority and Literacy for Environmental Justice connive to harm our children by exposing them to toxins and adversely impacting the health of our youth by taking them to Pier 98 which is a toxic dump. Pier 98 is 75 feet away from Hunters Point Powerplant.

The most corrupt Mayor of San Francisco Willie L. Brown Jr. opened pier 98 also known as Heron Head Park to the Public in the year 2000. The SF Port Authority has very poor standards and these standards continue to spiral under Monique Moyer.

Pier 98 is 75 feet away from the most harmful, old toxic spewing power plant that is Hunters Power Plant. Every year this old power plant spews over one and half thousand tons of toxins directly and indirectly into the air, waters and lands. It is NOT right to take our children to this toxic site.

Dana Reid Lanza the Director of LEJ lives in Oakland uses our grants, SF City funds and our youth to make money. Her bottom line is money. She does not have any standards and when the SF Port Authority and unscrupulous crooks like Carol Bach from the SF Port Authority support her it is time for the City Attorney and Mayor Gavin Newsom to step in.

Dana Lanza boasts that her crooked organization has over $1 million in the bank! Now, tell me who should be ashamed - having so much money? No wonder LEJ wasted $350,000 trying to survey and build a failed Living Classroom at Pier 98? Where is the FBI?

How many San Francisco Community Based Organization do you know go to Oakland and get funds to adversely impact the health and lives of our youth? How many SF CBOs waste thousands of dollars on stupid project in the name of the youth?

Initially Literacy for Environmental Justice wanted to build a Living Classroom on Pier 98. I was the first to oppose this crazy idea. I told the SF Port Commissioners and the SF Board of Supervisors that our youth should not go to anyway near an area that is deemed toxic and which will adversely impact their health. I won.

LEJ thinks it can pick any site in the City and County of San Francisco and have it. Mistaken. It connived to have McLaren Park and the community sent it off packing. LEJ is a dubious organization and curries favor with those Community Based Organizations who are in for the money and do not serve our youth and the San Francisco Community at large.

LEJ with CBE and BVHP Advocates is now supporting the 3 Combustible Turbines to be placed near the Mirant Plant and closer to Dog Patch. The Community does not want the CTs or Peakers and in the end TRUTH will prevail. The CTs use fossil fuel. The water used for cooling is the Phelps Raw Sewage secondary effluent. These half-treated waters contain toxic pathogens.

LEJ has gathered funds from the Rose Foundation, Bay Area Conservancy, Environmental Protection Agency, other City, State, and Federal agencies and not done justice to the principles of Environmental Justice. Always Mickey mousing with our youth and misguiding the youth.

It is a shame that LEJ continues to undermine the hard work of those environmental groups and Community Based Organization who fight for what is right. All Islanders Gathering As One, Environmental Justice Advocacy, Community First Coalition, Friends of McLaren Park, San Francisco Neighborhood Coalition, CAPS (Community Alliance of Portola and Silver Terrace), Bayview Coordination Council, and a host of real organizations that stand for what is wholesome and good. All these organization are from San Francisco and the Bayview Hunters Point, Portola, Visitation, Little Hollywood, Dog Patch - neighborhoods.

The San Francisco Port Authority for a measly $60,000 a year have chosen to contract Pier 98 also known as Heron Head Park to take our healthy youth and expose them to the worst toxins. There is nothing good in, on, and around Pier 98. Why would anyone want to take our youth and expose them to illness?

Daily Pier 98 is bombarded by a strong Electro Magnetic Field. Daily mercury, lead, PCBs, the worst pathogens saturate the air, the water, and the land. LEJ wants the money and does not care about the youth.

LEJ is trying to irritate, test the patience and defy the community. The SF Port Authority will be responsible if the community protests and the SF Port Authority is liable if our youth and children suffer.

Time for the City Attorney, the Mayor Gavin Newsom, and those who should know about Environmental Justice principles to speak up.

Supporting LEJ the District 10 Supervisor the most inept, ignorant, and arrogant person. Karen Pierce and Olin Webb two cronies who profited from the $13.3 mitigation funds given by the State of California from penalties imposed on power plants like Pacific Gas and Electric.

It is not right to harm our youth.

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