Three hundred years ago all that was San Francisco belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone. It was then stolen from the First People who I have named in my articles many times.

At that time there was no Planning Department and the scourge of a Planning Department was created to have some connection to communities and how they live and to better Quality of Life Issues. Create a better system of living and working and improving health and safety issues.

The Muwekma Ohlone works hand in hand with and for the communities and their individual character and does not favor the San Francisco Planning Department who has really no idea what the hell they are doing. The zoning that the recent SF Planning Department has reinvented is as stupid and confusing as the department itself.

The SF Planning Department continues give permits to build homes and in doing so pays no attention to resources and pollution issues.

In San Francisco we chose to buy and flooded the Hetch Hetchy that belong to the Miwoks in the Yosemite Valley. The reason we gave is we wanted clean drinking water and stable hydro electricity.

We stole the Yosemite Valley and flooded the Sacred Valley. Today we mock the gods of goodness by using pure and good Hetch Hetchy water to flush our toilets. Electricity which is available and which we can use we sell to our counties like Tulare. This is a shame.

Only the Whites and the SF Planning Department would see nothing flushing pooh with good fresh water. Only the SF Planning Department would see nothing in building thousands of units and presupposing that these unites can be tied to the Electrical Grid that has peaked.

We have the dumbest SF City Planners like Green and Binder who are dubious in nature. One comes from Chicago and would do better being exposed to the Button Man. The other has queer ways and made so many enemies that it is pathetic to mention those planners who hate the very mention of his name.

These egotistical scum bags think nothing of bending backwards in the name of money to pander to developers many of whom do not live in the City of San Francisco. Again and again huge projects lack a sound Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and we have seen glaring mistakes as with 80 Natoma and the future fiasco with the Transbay Terminal.

Linked to the equation of corruption you will find out the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and the puppet of all times SPUR. Again and again these dubious agencies work against the communities and developers have ruined communities in the Mission, the Bayview, South of Market, Potrero Hill, in the Avenues, Bernal Heights all over our City.

There comes a moment when Communities should fight for Open Space and that time is right now. There comes a time when Communities should fight for Community Character is maintained - that time is now.

Beware of crooks and so called Environmental Community Based Organization like Arc Ecology, Literacy for Environmental Justice, Bayview Hunters Point Advocates, Community for Better Environment, Green Action - mostly crooked leaders who are in for the money.

These so called Community Based Organizations with no education of Planning and Development will encourage projects that are detrimental to the Environment and impacts health and safety issues and the constituents who live in areas impacted by these projects. Most of these CBOs are Whites and the paradox is they do not live in the community in this case Bayview Hunters Point. Most of them are on the take and they think nothing of selling principles and harming innocent constituents.

Three years ago, the Mission in San Francisco took the lead to plan what they community thought was best for them. Towards the tail end the SF Planning Department decided to help a little. Some partnership was built but Binder and Gerald Green saw to it over time to kill what the Mission Community thought best for the community.

In the Bayview Hunters Point the SF Planning Department held several workshops - mostly dealing with imaginary zones and allowing the local constituents and other to share ideas. Then once the SF Planning Department gathered notes and pertinent points from the Butcher Paper Notes - the Planning Department saw to it that all the good in the work shops was killed. This is not right.

The San Francisco Planning Department is the most arrogant. Worse still the SF Planning Commissioners who waited till the end to address the Housing Element. The SF Planning Commissioners should have demanded the SF Planning Department to create and have in place two documents based on Empirical Data 2 years ago:

1. The Housing Element.
2. The Transportation Department.

As I mentioned before the Housing Element did not meet the requirements of any standard. It was senseless for the SF Planning Commissioners to give the Housing Element its blessing based on a nonsensical Negative Declaration.

This action has made the SF Planning Commission the laughing stocks of most sane counties, towns, and cities. In Sacramento the knowledgeable are wondering if several Emperor Nortons have taken control of our City.

The Board of Supervisors has not been paying attention. The BOS cannot allow the SF Department of Planing to function without demanding a working and sound Housing Element. The same with a Transportation Document based on Empirical Data.

In the Bayview Hunters Point the inept, ignorant, and arrogant District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell who is now taking a vacation after getting her ass kicked followed by two recalls that has taken a heavy toll of her senses. Hopefully she will lose some weight and gain some sense upstairs as the weeks and months go by.

With Sophie Maxwell at the helm of affairs the SF Redevelopment Agency thinks it can build 1600 homes on Parcel A. Lennar BVHP will never succeeded because the 1600 will built in the middle of Chernobyl and only foolish people will live there.

Just outside Parcel A many innocent constituents continue to suffer from Asthma, Cancer, and many other respiratory diseases. Several buildings near by on Navy property were used for Radiological Experiments and the adverse impacts continue to harm all life all these years within a half-mile radius.

The SF Redevelopment Agency with Marcia Rosen, Jesse Blout, Larry Florin, Saul Bloom, and Michael Cohen - are all conniving to fleece the constituents and some Negroes are on the take. Lennar BVHP LLC has a bad track record in places like Florida - and it is just a matter of time that Lennar will cut its losses and flee.

Our City and County of San Francisco brags that we have the Precautionary Principle in place. Building 1600 units on Parcel A is a slap in the face of all constituents living in San Francisco and more those who live in Bayview Hunters Point.

The Muwekma Ohlone do not think much about those who with intent want to adversely impact innocent people and some crooks that are linked to the Tabernacle Group and cronies who have been on the take working hand in glove with Lennar BVHP LLC. Fore most among them Arc Ecology an all White outfit that the community is watching very carefully.

Else where the San Francisco Planning Department continues to kill the good that various Communities have built and destroyed Community Character by pandering to developers who think nothing of the community but much of money in bribes.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has not done anything much and has sided with Jesse Blout, Marcia Rosen, Michael Cohen, Larry Florin, and Saul Bloom. Do you see the common denominator?

What if I throw in Richard Blum and Don Fisher?

Let us not have another holocaust on Parcel A. Let us not have other holocaust all over the City and County of San Francisco with greedy developers putting Propositions to build homes and housing units and adversely impacting the constituents. Health and Safety issues come first. Open Space and all of that should be safeguarded.

It is wrong to pollute the air, water and land. It is wrong to waste our resources. We do not want San Francisco to die a slow death.

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