Community Based Organization mostly prides themselves and purport to serve the community. Yes, serve the community.

No CBO should fleece the community but that is what is exactly happening in the Bayview Hunters Point. Again and again many CBOs especially those who have Whites as head of the organization are fleecing the community.

One purports to know all about clean up but has made thousands pandering and pimping to outside organizations trying to make a wet land of a cesspool saturated with the worst toxins. Its office on 3rd Street and it has two Blacks selling out the community working for the White Poverty Pimp - Ecology.

Over $15 million dollars in grant money flows along the 3rd Street corridor. Some purport and swear that they are helping Asthma Victims and doing Health Research but that is not true. Some money spent on Asthma but more goes in the pocket.

There is one that brags that is it the premier CBO offering solar panels and is helping the community. Inferior quality work has got many constituents angry and the majority of the money pocketed by this one CBO which has moved its office closer to KFC within the abode of a Baptist Church.

One White headed CBO has wasted over $350,000 on Pier 98 which is a toxic dump also called Heron Head Park. This CBO has no respect in the community and it the premier Poverty Pimp CBO. More so because it preys on our children and takes them to visit toxic dumps. Stay away from this CBO.

Poverty Pimps have no rules - the bottom line is their pocket. They have no conscience. They talk the talk plenty but rarely walk the walk.

One foundation will bark that they help the poor - yes they do - they take money away from them and make the poor cry tears of blood. It is a shame that such Poverty Pimps are still allowed to flourish in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The Queen of all Proverty Pimps the District 10 Supervisor. Think about it when you are on the take and the constituents are suffering.

SLUG has folded but before it did it with intent decided to die being a Poverty Pimp. Millions of dollars were wasted trying to vie people to vote for corrupt politicians. The crooks are still around and some still making over $100,000 and working as City officials. Others as Commissioners on various Commissions. Shame.

Mayor Gavin Newsom brags he wants to do right but he always seems to keep the company of Poverty Pimps like that Julie Lee, Nuru Mohammed, Jonathan from SLUG, Amos Brown, Virginia Harmon, Rev. Poverty Pimps with the Tabernacle Group, others too many to mention have and continue to do more in the line of the Poverty Pimping. When will it all stop? Who will take these scum bags to task?

God help us we have over 60 Churches in the Bayview Hunters Point and growing! Yes, give me your money but will I NOT help the poor? Will I work hard as did Jesus to project daily by good deeds a character that defies being called a Poverty Pimp? How many Rev. Poverty Pimps do we have in the community?

Poverty Pimping has become the trend in certain circles. These crooks have no qualms when it comes to fleecing the poor! It flourishes on 3rd Street in San Francisco in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Did some one say: Blessed are those who serve the Poor theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven? Well, has this been misunderstood?

No more Poverty Pimps in our Neighborhoods!

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