The San Francisco Unified School District lacks principles when it comes to our precious children and sending them on field trips without a proper checklist. Time to learn about the Precautionary Principle.

The SFUSD receives all its funding from the State of California and most people do not know this. The SF Board of Supervisors has no jurisdiction over the SF Unified School District, the SF School Superintendent or the SF School Board. Few people know this.

What really concerns me are the field trips our children take and the fake so called Environmental Community Based Organizations who exploit our children in San Francisco.

Each field trip should have a checklist:

1. The character and mission objective of the Community Based Organization and a $10,000,000 dollar insurance policy if our children are exposed to toxins.

2. There is one Environmental Group that boasts that it has taken 5000 of our children to Pier 98. Pier 98 is next to the Hunters Point Power Plant. Each year the Power plant emits over one thousand tons of toxins into the air, land, and water. Our children should not go anywhere near such toxic hot spots. A doctor should approve such field trips. Also, sound Environmental Specialists from the Health department or any such recognized institution.

It is a shame that the San Francisco Unified School District does not follow the Standards laid down by the State when it comes to the care of our children in San Francisco.

I visited a number of Middle and High Schools in the City and County of San Francisco and find that the Principals really do not care to investigate and find out the truth about Field Trips.

Many of the principals and teachers are ignorant and are shocked to hear that a Power Plant for example emits lead, mercury, pathogens into the air. The just cannot figure out that they were so ignorant about these basic facts. Most of them are not educated on issues.

The San Francisco School District Superintendent Arlene Ackerman has no idea that innocent school children in the Bayview Hunters Point have been exposed to toxins. This is plain wrong.

It is wrong to send our children next to so called fake wet lands and marsh lands in the City and County of San Francisco - especially Yosemite Slough which is saturated with lead, mercury, PCBs, and the worst toxins one can find anywhere in the world. Radiological.

The children may not be harmed immediately but in the long run the children will suffer from respiratory diseases and cancer. Parents should be full aware of this and stop their children from going to toxic dumps. Ask their children questions before and after any field trip. This is very important.

Be careful especially if these so-called field trips are held during weekends. Those organizations that prey upon our children should be debarred from conducting any activities and sent to jail for adversely impacting our children.

Be especially careful of heads of organizations that have no children of their own and so cannot relate to children on a personal level. Children should be chaperoned in the presence of parents approved by the Principal of the school who should take ultimate responsibility for any harm that may come to the children.

Dream schools and other schools should have an approved Curricula with Doctors, Qualified Environmentalists, Parents, Qualified Teachers and Principals, City Officials, State of California Environmental Agencies, Federal Bureau of Investigation - all having a say.

Those that harm our children with intent should go to jail for a long, long time. It is wrong for our children to visit toxic dumps and suffer.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors should pass an Ordinance that prohibits our children going to any toxic site. A list of all the toxic sites and toxic sites such as Power Plants should be given to each and every school by the SF Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic Substances Control and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Our children should not suffer because the adults act like buffoons.

Our children should not suffer because some school Principals do not know what is right and wrong when it comes to Field Trips.

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