San Franciscans have as its constituents the Middle Class, the Poor, and the Filthy Rich. The Filthy Rich have till now played an important role in fleecing this City and County of San Francisco and creating an enclave closer to Pacific Heights and the neighboring areas favoring the environs there and dumping their crap in the Southeast Sector of the City and County of San Francisco.

We have two representatives Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein who are as fake as the make up they wear. These two old hags have failed us on each and every major issue in Washington D.C. More so on environmental issues.

Barbara Boxer and Tom Lantos and there are others too many others to mention filthy rich by constitution of their representation and poor in really representing the constituents of San Francisco on issues - environmental and others of importance.

We have the San Francisco Environment and if one monitors this City Agency the sooner it is shut down in toto the better. This City Agency has failed us on each and every issue when it comes to the Environment.

Employees making a lot of money - very inept and always conniving. They favor and work with CBOs that are crooks.

This City should be ashamed that the filthy rich allowed the Hetch Hetchy Valley to be flooded. The filthy rich proclaimed that they needed the water and the electricity. Today, we sell the fresh drinking water and the electricity - this was never intended to be in the Raiker Act.

Dianne Feinsten was instrumental in favoring Pacific Gas and Electric and pressuring Hetch Hetchy the most racists and full of red necks - selling electricity that we can use in San Francisco to counties such as Tulare.

Hetch Hetchy named after the Meadow Grass and the Sacred Valley of the Miwoks was flooded. John Muir a White and a noble soul fought for the valley - but the filthy rich saw to it that Yosemite Valley was flooded. This action killed John Muir and no one has stood for the values he stood for until very recently.

In San Francisco we pride ourselves by using clean fresh Sacred water from Hetch Hetchy to flush our toilets and no one has commented on this serious aspect as have I. I do whenever I get the opportunity but the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission does not seem to care.

The City Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, San Francisco Environment cannot stand a stand of real sustainable issues. They do not have the intelligence or the integrity to do so. They are as fake as fake can be. They want the money but care less for the environs.

San Francisco Environment is only interested in getting money from grants and from the SF PUC so that it has hire inept employees while pretending to run Solar Projects with Solar Bond Money which should not be given to the San Francisco Environment for any purpose what so ever.

In San Francisco we have two old toxic spewing plants. I have not seen Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Tom Lantos takes a stand and shut down these toxic-spewing monsters that kill babies and harm the elders. Destroy the environs and harm all living beings.

San Francisco Environment is working behind the scene to place 3 Combustible Peakers in the Southeast Sector. Working with Green Action and Community for Better Environment both White headed Community Based Organizations to place these CTs - which have no place anywhere.

These CTS use fossil fuel and SFE has chosen to take an active stand to kill our youth, harm our elders, harm our constituents in the Southeast Sector and pay and protect crooked CBOs to foster corrupt and very bad environmental policy. LEJ is one that favors harming our community and joins the crooks to place the 3 CTs.

Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) continues to waste taxpayers money. It has wasted over $350,000 - money that could be used to help the poor folks and others in the Southeast Sector.

Joe Boss and Steve Moss continue to defy the constituents of the Southeast Sector and all decent human beings. SFE and the City Attorney turn a blind eye and the Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Audit these corrupt CBOs Mr. Gavin Newsom. These crooked organizations stand for what is wrong and reveal the truth to the constituents of San Francisco. These folks with the help of corrupt City officials are making our people suffer while amassing great wealth.

Mission Bay is a toxic dump. Catellus Corporation has bought the City and County of San Francisco and did most of the damage when the corrupt Willie L. Brown Jr. was in power.

San Francisco should not encourage Bio-Tech companies to come to Mission Bay. This is wrong and it will come to haunt us in the long run. The Bio-tech companies now in South San Francisco and places like Emeryville will not jump ship and come to San Francisco. They are not stupid.

Bio-tech companies prefer wide open spaces, lots of parking and clean fresh air among a myriad of other luxuries that San Francisco can least afford. We do not have to compromise our environment and encourage the worst of the worst bio-tech companies to come to San Francisco. The best once already have pitched their tent in the best places.

San Francisco is last when it comes to the environs and what is best for the constituents. This is a fact because we have no Blue Print. We have a corrupt Planning Department that cannot even come up with a decent Housing Element. The SF Planning Department prides itself by saying we are a Transit First City but has no Planning Document.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority has a Transit Document but it really does not address issues that are paramount to any City Planning and a First Class Blue Print that jives with a sound Master Plan. Planners leave City Planning just like a revolving door - they come and go and when they go they badmouth the SF Planning Department. This problem should be corrected. The SF City Planning has harmed our environment in many ways.

We do not need thousands of homes and units that use clean fresh water from Hetch Hetchy to flush toilets. SF City Planning should demand another source to flush the toilets of these new units and homes to be built in the future.

SF City Planning should demand Solar Power and other sources of Clean Energy to light and power the new units and homes. The hundreds of facilities that are being built here, there, and every where in San Francisco.

Once this City was pristine and belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone. When the World Environment Week is held in San Francisco in June 2005 - let us tell the truth. San Francisco has the worst environmental track record and we should first correct our Environmental Track Record in our own back yard.

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