The Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee is clueless. The BVHP PAC consists of a bunch of folks who have never ever participated in the City and County of San Francisco Housing Element discussions and workshops. I doubt they have read the various documents linked to the City and Infrastructure. Added to that they have never read the Transportation Document that was produced by Tilly Chang of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

The BVHP PAC a bunch of ignorant folks with little diversity has not studied the City of San Francisco Master Plan. Have little or no understanding of the Infrastructure and yet purport to work with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) to destroy the last frontier that is the Bayview Hunters Point.

I remember a time when the BVHP PAC was given $80,000 to prepare a blight report. The money was wasted and no document produced. Then the BVHP PAC was charged to have in place the Survey Report - it took for ever and the SFRA saw to it that it amended the language to suit its needs.

There has been no public meeting to discuss the details of the Survey Report and Eminent Domain and it use in the Bayview Hunters Point with the Public being noticed with full outreach. This is a crying shame. Some Blacks are pimping their community that is in the minority today as far as education and opportunities are concerned.

To date the SFRA has no detail Environmental Impact Report linked to the Survey Area. At one time the Survey area was within zip code 94124. Now the area covers the Hunters Point Shipyard and other areas that are included in the amended language.

In the interim there are a host of devious plans or projects so many that one has a difficult time tracking them all.

The MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail project within the Bayview Hunters Point area is a mess.

The Department of Public Works is planning several alternate routes for trucks and other vehicles. Several housing projects totaling thousands of units are in the pipeline by Candlestick Park, 5800 3rd Street, 5600 3rd Street, 3rd Street and Cargo, several sites that are Brown Fields. The developers are having a field day all with the blessing of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

Over 1600 housing units are planned at the Hunters Point Shipyard. Where will all the energy come from? Where will all the raw sewage go to? Who will see that the infrastructure is in place? How does all this fit into the Housing Element? How does all this do justice to a Transit First City that has no planning and does not really incorporate the drastic changes in the Bayview Hunters Point?

I have said it before and I will say it again: this agency SFRA should be shut down and told to leave San Francisco. Failing that it should come under the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

In California we have two large cities that have Redevelopment Agencies Los Angeles and San Francisco. The SFRA is the worst and has a terrible track record. Take the Fillmore or Western Addition it screwed the constituents in the area several times over and has no compassion.

The SFRA did the same at Mission Bay worked with the worst crooks many of them jailbirds. Now Catellus has chosen after making some money to sell the lots and get away from the Real Estate Business at Mission Bay. Mission Bay is a Toxic Dump and I am ready to state and explain that to Marcia Rosen and her cronies who are on the take.

It is a shame that only certain folks with corrupt and unethical standards continue to work with SFRA. Bayview Hunters Point was always a diverse community. Hundreds of years ago it was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone.

I never knew the Hunter Brothers to be Blacks yet today again and again the talk of an African Market and African Motive on 3rd Street is a joke. The Blacks who are making the decision are conditioned by American ways there is little they no of Africa or the African way of thinking. I can say that loudly because I was born and raised in Kenya.

The Blacks on the BVHP PAC are ignorant and not educated on issues. Again and again they open their mouths and shove their foot. The BVHP PAC cannot even conduct the business of the day without going off a tangent again and again. Bunch of silly folks with no clue as to what really is their mission.

What about the thousands of Asians, Samoans, Whites, others who have homes and live in the Bayview and Hunters Point? Why are they not included in the equation? Who are these stupid fools making the decisions? Did the Bayview Opera House belong to the Blacks? Who donated the Bayview to the Community? Remember it was called South San Francisco Opera House! Where is the real history in all the stupid racist talk and deliberation?

At one time the zip code 94124 was given to the BVHP PAC to monitor they could not do their job. May I ask them if they had one single hearing on the UPS and Fedex facilities built within the zip code 94124? Who took money to see that these large facilities did not have to appear before the BVHP PAC?

How ever sometimes the BVHP PAC will make a fool of itself by asking and giving a hard time to projects in the 94134 zip code area like for example Executive Park which does not come under the jurisdiction of the BVHP PAC.

I had stopped going to the BVHP PAC but went for the September 16, 2004 meeting to meet the San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent Arlene Ackerman - the woman did not show up and sent one of her assistants. This is the 3rd time I have gone to see her at various meetings and she cancels the meetings after choosing the dates.

I stuck around and was appalled at the discussion pertaining to the agenda items. A bunch of ignorant and arrogant fools trying to deal with major issues without any clue.

The African Market concept demands a healthy African Community. Right now we do not have it in the Bayview. Not even Jesse a good restaurant owner could survive and he shut down his restaurant. Imagine others trying to invest thousands of dollars and not having the support of the BVHP PAC. The PAC can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Never has and never will. Corruption of the highest order within its ranks - even now after the recent elections.

Most Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point go out of Bayview to shop over $150 million is leached out of the community and will in the future. The reason is very simple the streets and area within most of the Bayview Hunters Point in the area designated at the Town Center is a War Zone. Now with the uplifted ban of machine guns the situation will get worse and on Saturday September 18, 2004 - I saw it with my own eyes. There were several young Blacks in open defiance toting AK-47s. So much for your plans of an African Motive in a designated Town Center which is a War Zone.

One has just to read the Police Incident Reports that are sent to the community leaders one or twice a week by Captain Bruce. I hope the BVHP PAC members read these reports. As an expert on Incident Reports I can explain to the folks the in and outs of the happenings - rapes, killing, drug use and sales, domestic violence, thefts - mostly by Blacks and within the planned Town Center Area.

In Africa we do not see such stuff with any town or city and in such numbers ask Linda Richardson or Toye Moses. If they agree may be they should head the Town Center which bears the name of Africa. As an African I will tell you the TRUTH - you folks cannot and should not associate yourselves with the best that is Africa.

I never ever saw any of you at the Summit of Africa that was held by many like myself in Washington DC I now see fools using the name of an African Market and other such concepts without fully understanding the Religious and Cultural aspects. Ignorant fools trying to deceive the community at large. Most of you are not African enough to associate with the good that is Africa.

Several members of the BVHP PAC do not live in the community. One is not even a citizen and is on the waiting list to be deported. Another one does not know the meaning of recuse. The city attorney should remind him what that means. You stay away entirely until the agenda item has been voted on and discussed.

Others open their mouth and put their foot in it. The tongue has no bone but that does not mean you wag it until it tires out. The BVHP PAC should go for a retreat and learn how to focus on the topic at hand. People speaking out of turn and the Chair failing to conduct the businesses at hand in an orderly manner.

The BVHP PAC should disassociate itself from the SFRA. Just because they feed you all and give you some fiscal assistance does not mean you bow down to the SFRA and corrupt people like Marcia Rosen.

What is the connection between the SFRA and the Bayview Opera House? Did the SFRA have a contract with another defunct 501 ( c ) 3 until 2005 and what happened to that? The relations between the BVHP PAC and the Opera House are in question and prior to that to that of the defunct non-profit that Mr. Alex Pitcher headed.

It is wrong for the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to amend the language and incorporate faulty language that favors Eminent Domain. The SFRA favors redlining which the diverse community are fighting. The BVHP PAC is asking for trouble and will bear the wrath of the community. Please do not screw around with the community that is very diverse and does not have a majority of the Blacks that are educated on issues.

It is a shame that some stupid PAC members think they represent the community. Your BVHP PAC elections are and were suspect. Nothing you do has the approval of the community at large. Thousands in the community do not know that you exist. You are bunch of corrupt folks with ties to the worst corrupt agency that is the SFRA.

The SFRA should be told to leave San Francisco and have nothing to do with the Bayview Hunters Point. In the mean time you BVHP PAC members read the SF Housing Element and the Transportation Document and you will clearly realize that you all are fools.

Right now you are following the whim and fancy of the SFRA and that is wrong. You are asking for trouble and you can put a stop to all that by first seeking legal counsel on the amended SFRA language it is full of loop holes.

The SFRA will use Eminent Domain to destroy our community and the constituents do NOT accept most of you as good citizens at large. This is a glaring fact.

If the community loves you all and admired your work they would attend your meetings. They do not and that is a clear signal you all are fools wasting your time and that of good people who attend your meetings in the audience. The BVHP PAC is far left field and no one really cares about your deliberations right now. How ever I assure you all will suffer the wrath of the diverse community - very soon. You all have no right to conduct your business like some thugs who are uneducated on issues.

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